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  1. Cary


    Some might be interested. It's taken them long enough.
  2. Cary

    Nate headed your way?

    Doc/Colonel Bill, hope you and any other members on the Gulf coast are high & dry. Keep out of Nate's way if you can..
  3. Cary

    Rule question

    My opponent owes two. I role a hanger into his pocket. When should it be spotted? Now, at the end of my inning or at the end of his?
  4. Cary

    Alfie Taylor

    So has anyone asked Alfie to play in the Seniors Event?
  5. Cary

    San Antonio

    Drove by Banana's last Saturday night about 10:30pm and it was dark. Have they closed shop? If so, where did the One Pocket players move?
  6. Cary

    Just curious

    I frequently play a friendly game with a guy from north central Texas who is unusually adept at multi-rail banks (when he wins, I usually get beat by a circus shot I didn't see). "Buddy" says the elderly owner of his local pool room when he was a kid (late sixties, early seventies) liked him...
  7. Cary

    Texas Open this weekend

    The Texas Open is this weekend not far from me and the Calcutta is tomorrow night. It seems like I've been out of circulation forever but actually it's only been about twenty years. Any suggestions? Anybody we know playing?