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  1. JG-in-KY

    Random Derby Thoughts - Part 1

    Thought I would share a few of my random observations after attending my 13th Derby City Classic. **Straight Pool- Its a beautiful game. Full of finesse, knowledge of the game (break ball, key ball, dead combos in the stack, pattern play, etc), Max Eberle was very efficent, disciplined and...
  2. JG-in-KY

    Bank Pool Hall of Fame

    Did I miss the ballot somewhere? If not, where do I make my nominations? Thanks!
  3. JG-in-KY

    Edward "Red" Eversole passes

    Red passed on October 17th. Shot by his nephew. He was 68. Don't know how many knew him but he was a renowned gambler around these parts (Kentucky, Tennessee). Pool player, card/dice mechanic, fought chickens, steerman/stakehorse, etc. I met him about ten years ago when I tried to trap him...
  4. JG-in-KY

    Blue Book of Pool Cues

    Have all three editions for sale: Thanks for looking.
  5. JG-in-KY

    San Jose Dick

    Don't know if you have these, but here's a heads up.
  6. JG-in-KY

    Old cue catalogs- Joss, Lambros, Scruggs and Phillippi

    I have some stuff listed on Ebay: More to come....Black, Mottey, Bluegrass, Meucci, McDermott, Anderson, Jensen, etc. Thanks for looking!
  7. JG-in-KY

    1983 All Around

    Just looking through some of my pool "stuff" and thought I would post the program here. I remember this tourney that Grady and Leonard Bludworth put on in Tampa. It was a great tourney with a lot of great players! Funny story I remember was a guy from our local room went to the tourney and was...