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    Stopped thread

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    Maybe Dave (12 squared) can name these people

    Dave; this photo is from 83 in the Detroit area, I held a clinic and Artistic exhibition in that room. I know most of the people in the photo, maybe you or even Steve Lomako may be able to fill in the blanks.
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    WICS (is correct shot) with position.

    A WWYD, usually I say, what ever you choose is OK, but there is a correct shot here with position. The CB is the yellow ball.
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    The Desperado and the Invisible Ink

    A featured article from 1983 Billiards Digest August issue.
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    A bittersweet video to share.

    These are 2 short television sports clips from the news in, Jacksonville, IL. where a Midwest 3C qualifier was held. The interviewer speaks with my Mentor, Ernie Presto, while my Dad, Merhl 'Smitty' Smith, (white hair and glasses) demonstrates some shots.
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    My Theory on Position Play

    From my book, my thoughts on position play. My Theory on Position Play I‘d like to say firstly, that, “scoring the point is paramount”, how you score that point is what this book is all about. No two players approach the same position with exactly the same solution, but, the end result will...
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    From time to time I will....

    From time to time I will post some excerpts from my Book/DVD, "The Concise Book of Position Play." Here is my, 'Authors Statement' on the subject. Author’s Statement Set in My Ways In the past, the masters of the game jealously guarded and hoarded their insights...
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    Frederic Caudron vs Dick Jaspers

    in a 50 point game, how would you like to run a, '22' and '10' and lose the game! Well it happened to Dick Jaspers.
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    Video of 89 training shots in 3 cushion

    89 shots to practice.
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    Happy B'Day to Island Drive

    Happy B'Day to Tall Bill!
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    WWYD-in this tough spot.

    The score is 1-0, your favor. Your opponent has left you in a tough spot, frozen behind a cluster of balls by their pocket. Your pocket is lower left. How do get out of this trap and stay at the table to run balls?
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    Another clip from the B. Smith v R. Ceulemans game

    This clip shows a nice run of 5 or 6 by me in this tough match with, 'The Maestro,' Raymond Ceulemans. My position play for these 5 shots was pretty on spot! Take note of the speed/tempo and timing of the different shots played.
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    Basic 3 Cushion Shots

    For those that are not familiar with 3C, Here's a video I did about 10 years ago, 'Basic Shots of 3 Cushion.'
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    Creating a draw angled bank

    This is a clip form my game with Raymond Ceulemans in 1998. In the priar 6 innings, he ran a, 6,12 and 6. I'm left in a difficult position here, and had to come up with a clever shot. I used a system I developed years ago, to create a, 'draw angled bank' to make the shot run 4 more from it.
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    Caudron's signature, 'Banana' shot.

    Frederic Caudron, explains and demonstrate is , trademark shot. Part 1. Part 2.
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    Lets start with Systems from the Greatest All Around Carom Player

    This is Frederic Caudron, demonstrating one of His systems Part 1 Part 2
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    A Simple 1 or 2 cushion 'Short Table' Kicking system.

    I created this system many years ago, (early 80's). Here's a very simple numerical system for kicking, 1 or 2 cushions, to a point on the second rail or, contacting an OB on or close to the cushion, or even when it's along the connecting line from the 1st rail to the 2nd one. The CB requires...
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    You need 6, how to get out.

    The score is 2-1, your favor. Your pocket is lower left, 13 ball. How would you get out, you need 6 ball. BTW, there is no right or wrong option here, it's what each player is comfortable with for they're abilities and knowledge. O
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    Some interesting, 'rail first' shots.

    The guy demonstrates some unusual cushion first shots in 3C.
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    Not as good as Dave's, but, I was trying for 15.

    I got inspired by Dave's video of the 15 ball run in 1 pocket, Very Impressive! Since I haven't been in a pool room since Dec.10th, 2019, I have no recent videos. I rummaged around in my folders and found this one from 2014, when I still had both lamps working. I tried to run 15, starting...