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    efren needs 1 wwyd

    Good shot but I'm sure you meant RHE if you're also playing the four ball and maybe a bit of masse to make sure you go around the stack.
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    efren needs 1 wwyd

    A little side note here. Seated in the front row on the far right side are some close friends of mine. At the end is Kenny Thomason and his daughter Brooke (previous owners of The Hard Times). Next to Brooke is our own Carla Johnson and then Ron Sakahara, a long time friend.
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    Sad News. Don Jackson passed away

    This indeed is sad news. Don was one of the good guys. RIP Don.
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    efren needs 1 wwyd

    Personally I don't see a downside to playing this shot if you have the skill to move the cue ball like Whitey did in the video. It appears to be a free shot with a good chance to win the game. If missed, you will have two balls near your hole and take away the two rail kick on the pink ball.
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    efren needs 1 wwyd

    I'm with the ones here that suggest playing the twelve two rails to near the one ball being careful not to leave a bank on the one into the stack while sticking the cue ball there. I think removing that twelve ball from that area is a big factor here. I don't think any one pocket player would...
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    Winning One Pocket

    I say both. A good number of years ago I had dinner with Eddie a couple of times and found him to be a bit out there but very passionate about his ideas. It was very interesting to listen to him and his ideas. A lot of his thoughts I can say went a bit over my head but mostly I got the big...
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    Best memory

    Just curious. What year was this in and what rules did they use. No two shot push out?
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    Winning One Pocket

    I have both books. In my WOP book I have well over 100 autographs. Many of some greats that are no longer with us such as Leonard Rucker Tony Ellen Jay Swanson Grady Mathews Eddie Taylor Bill Stanton Jack Breit Marshall Carpenter. These are just some off the top of my head.....and many more...
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    Donn vs. John 12 - end game situation - wwyd?

    I'm not going to panic here and try one of those two banks available. Both have loss written over them. I'm banking the ten ball over to his side of the table and taking the cue ball one rail over to my side of the table by my pocket trying not to leave him a three rail bank on it. Hit it fairly...
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    Donn vs. Pete 2 wwyd?

    Dang, can't wait to find out. I hope things are well for you with all this mess going on around the country.
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    Donn vs. Pete 2 wwyd?

    Whitey, thanks for all that you do for us with your videos. I have a question on the video of you kicking at the two ball. You mentioned that you were putting a little English. Was it right or left English? Because I don't think I would shoot the shot if I couldn't put right English to try to...
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    Donn vs. Pete 2 wwyd?

    Of course. What better time to shoot this shot especially since you have sideboards to help. There are a lot of balls to be had here if you make the bank. I don't see any problem getting around the balls that are uptable.
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    Happy Birthday To The Barber

    Jeff, meeting you and many others there was a pleasure. I hope you're doing fine.
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    John vs. Pete 2

    Of the options presented here I like one rocks option ( a modified version of lll's shot) the best because it's very predictable Second choice would be Dr Bills shot but for me there is a small degree of unpredictability with this. However depending on far off the rail the 13 is, there might be...
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    One Pocket/8 ball

    I agree with Bill M., in order to win an eight ball game that most would consider lost, one has to use smarts and safeties to turn that lost game into a win. There are a lot of things in eight ball and one pocket that go hand in hand.
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    John vs. Barry 10 - end game - wwyd?

    I like your shot the best
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    Deuel vs Owen -- WWYD 1

    This is the first thing I thought of but thought that getting the balls in play would be more beneficial. Putting heat on him right away. Doc, I want to thank you again for getting me in touch with Marshall Carpenter for me to get his autograph. RIP Marshall.
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    Deuel vs Owen -- WWYD 2

    I'm firing at the nine ball four balls and maybe get some action on the four, ten or the other strip (15) ball? Sticking the cue all right where the nine is.
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    One Pocket Match between George Teyechea and Preacher Ronn

    Since I'm now in AZ . Where will this be at and will they have room for some spectators?