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    DCC Horse

    I can’t find the thread where we nominated our horse for the DCC and where to donate. Can someone point me in the right direction.
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    Hollywood, Fla 11/19

    I will be at Lucky Seven Billiards in Hollywood, Fla tomorrow night if anyone is interested in playing.
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    Dallas Friday 11/15

    I will be in Dallas Friday night 11/15 looking to play. Is Ck's still the best place to go for action?
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    Bluegrass tounrney

    The MOT at Bluegrass went off without a hitch and it was shared amongst a great group of players. Over the course of 3 days I had time to hang with friends as well as meeting/making some new ones. I have to say, we really do have a great site here. I want to thank Steve for making the MOT...
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    Slidel, ms player

    I was in the box tonight with a road player named Edward from Slidel, Ms. He is a black guy in his mid to late 50’s, possibly older. He is a good mover, banker, and shooter. We ended up even Anybody happen to know this guy?
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    FS Mezz Ex pro shaft

    For sale a like new Mezz EX Pro shaft with the wavy joint $365 delivered. I bought this shaft a couple weeks ago and played with it maybe 3 days. It’s just not for me. I don’t really venture into this area often so send me a pm if interested. Ben
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    Panama City 2/20

    I will be in Panama City fla wed night. Any member close by interested in playing? If not, can anyone suggest a place to play?
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    Play in Sacramento on 1/21

    I am looking to play in Sacramento the evening of 1/21. Let me know if anyone is interested in matching up.
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    Albany Ny play on 1/6

    I will be in Albany Sunday 1/6 and looking to play if any members are near there. If not, can anyone tell me where to play?
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    Dallas Tuesday 11/6

    I will be in Dallas this Tuesday. If anybody wants to play please ping me. Ben
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    Shot clock

    The conclusion of our 3rd Members tournament begs the question......why in the world is a 32 player field finishing at 5 am Monday morning! We all love the game but we also have work to deal with Monday. We need a shot clock to keep the matches moving along. Hardmix
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    Looking to play in Greenville/Spratanburg tonight

    I know its short notice but I will be in Greenville/Spartanburg area tonight and I am looking to play. If anyone is interested call me at 203-856-0918. Ben
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    The world record for free throws is 2750 and it was completed in 12 hrs in 1993. The shooter, a retired podiatrist, said he could have made many many more had it not been for the janitor closing the gym. According to his notes, he made 500 consecutive free throws on 473 separate occasions. "A...
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    I need a game in New Orleans

    I am in New Orleans tomorrow night and looking to play. Anybody available? Hardmix
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    Lexington players

    I have a free night to play in Lexington on 11/28. Anybody in the area interested? Hardmix
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    Chris's or Red shoes?

    I have a free night tomorrow in Chicago. I am trying to arrange a game with the Ghost but no response yet. If he falls through where would you go to find action...Chris's or Red Shoes? Hardmix
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    Cue...hard or soft hit

    Like many here, I am a former rotation player and I liked a firm hitting cue for those games. Now as I delve deeper into the 1P abyss I am questioning whether I should be looking for a softer hit. What are you preferences and why? Hardmix
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    Albany Ny players

    I will be in Albany next Tuesday. If there are any members in the area that want to play send me a pm. I will also be available to play in white plains on Wednesday. Hardmix