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  1. crabbcatjohn

    Grady's kick video

  2. crabbcatjohn

    Grady end game video

    I had never seen this. Some nice shots in here. #25 bank is pretty cool
  3. crabbcatjohn

    Rackem up Classic stream

  4. crabbcatjohn

    Dennis/ Chip

    Dennis/Chip getting 10-8.
  5. crabbcatjohn

    Bank stream

    TV Mike must have taken over Goldys cameras as he is showing the banks at Michaels. He has been running his cameras for a while now. Facebook wont allow me to share here but you can go to our one pocket Facebook page and watch it or TVMike Facebook. Doing to auction now.
  6. crabbcatjohn


    From Dee Adkins Facebook.: This Saturday and Sunday is the $500 added Banks event at Michaels Billiards!!!!! Another unbelievable field of bank players. Several of the best in the world competing to win this event. Calcutta is 11am and play will start immediately after. Race to 3 winners and 2...
  7. crabbcatjohn

    Filler/ Chohan May 12-13th

    Here you go, race to 21! two days..
  8. crabbcatjohn

    AZ one pocket match

  9. crabbcatjohn

    Finally some good news for our area pool scene

    Been a long time coming, but we are getting a new pool room in Paducah. As some of you know, the only local pool room in Paducah with a few 9 fts was Side Pockets owned by my late friend Dickie Todd. His son took it over after his death, and it closed 9 months later. Its most likely done...
  10. crabbcatjohn

    Sull'ys free stream

    Thought i'd give a BIG thanks to Sully Vision for re running the Chohan Compton match the next few days for us home bodys for free! For some unknown reason when you watch these streams via the Facebook link of the stream i post they aren't as clear as when you visit the page yourself... So go...
  11. crabbcatjohn

    HOF, Buffalos tournament cancelled

    James Leone just announced he canceled the May one pocket tournament and the HOF. Here is a copy of his post Buffalos One Pocket and 9 ball tournament as well as the Hall of Fame Dinner for inductees Alex and Busti has been cancelled for those dates in May......Jefferson Parish wants to limit...
  12. crabbcatjohn

    Dees One Pocket at Michaels

    Sharing from Dee Adkins post on our Facebook... Ok everyone we are sticking with March 14-15th for the next Big Handicapped One Pocket event at Michaels!!!!! We have filled up every event at last 4 events down there(Of course some no shows day of but we are going to try our hardest to fix that)...
  13. crabbcatjohn

    Space City Open

    Watching the space city open free stream. Anybody there? TV table looks tough as nails.
  14. crabbcatjohn

    DCC changes this year

    Feel free to share your thoughts and any news. No one under 21...Anybody who has been to DCC and went to the gambling boat knows they have gates and card. I expect the same this year except with no access to the entire building without ID. That's how it his here. So far there is no room...
  15. crabbcatjohn

    Southaven fall members tournament canceled

    Well this isn't good. We've had to cancel the Southaven fall tournament. I just found out last night Southaven Rec Center will not be able to host us. Bill is obviously as heartbroken as we are about this, but some issues came up that are beyond his control. We tried this morning to get Tracy...
  16. crabbcatjohn

    One Pocket Streams

    This is where you share links to free one pocket and bank pool streams. Feel free to post! Thanks!
  17. crabbcatjohn

    Chipper and Roberto stream Well got to watch 2 games before he cut it off and went to a commercial..
  18. crabbcatjohn


    Tomorrow night. 8/26 Exhibition match. They are going to try and stream it. Scott: Dennis Orcollo & myself will be playing a Onepocket exhibition match tomorrow night. Hopefully we will have it streamed free on Facebook live and will let everyone know the site tomorrow. Big thanks to Mike...
  19. crabbcatjohn

    TV Mike one pocket action in Cincy