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    Carbon fiber shafts

    I've tried a few of the carbon fiber shafts and have not been happy with the ones I've tried. They all seem to have a pinging sounds that I don't like. Plus non seem to satisfy me for one pocket. Other games it's ok except for the sound. While in Vegas I met up with Charlie Bryant and tested...
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    Which ball do you spot?

    I have a question. I was in a game today and was seven balls to the good and my opponent was minus two when I kept putting balls to the other end of the table. He scratched while playing a safe. All the balls were behind the line. We were undecided as to which ball is spotted? We took the one...
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    Carla Johnson

    Carla and I played the first match in Saturday's one pocket tournament at the Hard Times in Bellflower. She won the toss for the first break. Normally I would be a heavy favorite, especially in a race to two. She played that first game like a pro. Kept me in trouble and eventually won that...
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    Stream for the big match starting today.

    Since I'll be in bed all day where can I see Henderson/Ghost match?
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    Sacramento one pocket

    Just got word that one of our members here just won his match against DeLuna in Sacramento. Nice shooting Henry. He is one of my regular playing partners.
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    Fremont trip

    I've finally got enough energy to write a few word about my trip to Fremont Ca. I wasn't sure that I would be able to make trip until a couple of weeks before the start. My health issues were very unpredictable. I am glad that I was able to go. I had planed to drive there like I have many times...
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    Whats your take? #2

    Here's a situation closely related to the thread by Jeff Sparks that brought out so many opinions. What would be your take? In a tournament player A comes to the table, he already has one ball and it's in his shelf on a table with a ball return. He shoots a nice bank shot on a ball (the three...
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    The Pilot visits the barber shop

    What an honor I had yesterday to have spent the afternoon playing some one hole with Jtompilot. What a game he's got. Very creative, shot some excellent twist back shots and ran a lot of balls. Jim arrived around noon and we played until early evening. We got so involved in the game that we...
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    Dustin Miller visited the barber shop

    What an honor it was to welcome our very own Dustin Miller to my home. We got a chance to play a bit of one hole. He was in SoCAl with family and found a little time to visit me. Mr. Miller you are a true gentleman and I'm proud to have met you in person. I only regret that you couldn't have...
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    Spotted ball in the big match with Dennis and Scott

    The table in use for this match has a ball return. I want to know where they are keeping their pocketed balls? I noticed at lease a couple of times when Dennis pocketed a ball at the far end of the table and it has to go on the spot that Dennis brought up another ball to spot and not the ball...
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    What's the rule?

    I went to the pool room today when I saw this happen. All the balls were behind the line when the shooter scratched. No balls had been made by either player. The incoming player has the ball behind the line but with all balls behind the line what needs to be done here? They asked me but I...
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    You need two and he needs one

    Since things are real slow here I decided to put up one. You need two and are corner hooked. What's your solution. The balls are near your opponents pocket and the twelve is frozen to the rail.
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    Bacfk from Texas

    The trip was great except for all that rain. It was amazing to see so many old codgers in one room and all playing so well. Getting to meet so many from this site was truly a treat. I'm looking forward for the next event at Bogies. And thanks to John Rizzo and his staff for being the perfect...
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    Packed and ready to go.

    Ok, I've been practicing more this past week than I've practiced in the last few years and I don't see much improvement. So I guess I'm bringing to Texas what game I got which is not much. I'm looking forward to meeting those that I've never met before and I'm sure I'll see some that I know but...
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    I have a question.

    Yesterday we had a partners game. We had them in deep trouble with many balls near our hole. It's their shot and the cue ball was very close to the ball he was going to shoot. Maybe a quarter inch to a half inch. He shot very hard to scatter the balls and hoped to get lucky. After the balls...
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    First time WWYD

    I'm trying to do a wwyd. First time and hope it comes out ok. You have the pocket where the cue ball is and and you need all the balls. I learned this shot about 45 years ago from an old timer named Slim Pickens in San Leandro Ca. This does come up once in a while. Pretty sure the experienced...
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    Action in Victorville

    Just got word that Beau Runnigan (sp) is on his way to Victorville to play JS some one hole. I was planning to go but just heard that there might be a little snow going up the hill through the Cajon pass. I decided to pass on the trip because of the weather. There's been some good action at...
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    I friend of mine asked me this morning a question that I couldn't answer for sure. He asked, if an object ball goes off the table in a game of one pocket is it considered a foul or do you just spot it back up. I never have done it because I never had a shot playing one pocket that needed that...
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    WOP autographs

    I'm experimenting with posting picture. Here is a page from my Winning One Pocket book. Do you know most of these? Better question... how many have you played?
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    Happy Birthday Miller

    Happy Birthday to Miller, one of the good guys here. Oh, and Boo