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  1. Mkbtank

    Wwyd Hill Hill Filler/Chohan

    Match score is 10-10 going to 11 for the first day. Game score is 7-6. Filler needs 1 and Tony needs em both. Tony shot a nice double bank on the brown ball sticking Josh close to the only other ball on the table and leaving him in a delicate spot. josh’s pocket is on the left side of...
  2. Mkbtank


    Who has had it? After how long and how long did it last? Did you come back stronger or were you just “Done” As many here know, I have had the good fortune to have played consistently for the past 10 years. Usually gambling high multiple times a week. Never tiring of playing and working in...
  3. Mkbtank

    Late Edition: Mkbtank Derby Report

    What a great time at the derby this year. Great to see our crew as usual, and there were many of us. Crab man, Cincy, chicagofats, ChicagoMike, Hardmix, Johnnytronic and his lovely wife, chicagoMike, Jerry, poolandpokerman (Tom), Bernie, Catkins, KollegeDave, Miller, Col Bille, JR...
  4. Mkbtank

    Mkbtank’s Pics from the Derby

    Hey all. So since Steve was not there this year I tried to catch some pictures of our members in his stead. I am not the photographer he is and only used my IPhone camera, but some of them are cool. Here is the link to the album... DCCPhotos2020 And a couple previews... Our 2020...
  5. Mkbtank

    Happy Birthday Calibration

    Must be a good day to add one pocket players to the planet. Happy Birthday Cal! My first DCC buddy and roomie. See you in a few weeks!!!
  6. Mkbtank

    Happy Birthday ChicagoFats

    Happy Birthday Dan! I have liked you ever since you saw me play and offered me 9-7! Seriously you have been a very positive influence on this site IMHO and I am very happy to have met you,my friend. Hope you have a great day!
  7. Mkbtank

    Post any cool OnePocket Banks

    Figured I?d start this thread in the One Pocket forum. Please post here if you shot one or saw one in a match etc. Here is one that I shot this week (yes in a money game lol) The Three-rail Straightback. Your pocket is at the other end of the table opposite the 8 (long way) and you...
  8. Mkbtank

    Another action Wwyd

    Ok playing the same guy for the same good stakes. (150 a game). Your pocket the one Across from the balls. You had a 7-2 lead and he is working his way back and now has you in a bad spot. The 4 goes to your hole if you want to go off the air. WWYD??
  9. Mkbtank

    How today’s action went

    This was my pocket at the end of the first game. I should have quit then.... 😂
  10. Mkbtank

    Wwyd gambling here

    150 a game. Your shot. Score is 2-1 you. It was my shot and there were so many choices I was there wondering what you guys would do. Your pocket is the one closest to the cue ball.
  11. Mkbtank

    Happy Birthday Crabbcatjohn

    For your Birthday you can have the first break! Thanks for posting the streams, and the occasional honey. Hope you get all the rolls this year buddy! Mitch
  12. Mkbtank

    Wwyd 200 a game

    Decisions, decisions. Your opponent has two balls and you have just scored your first ball and it’s still your shot. You have the pocket closest to the 1 ball. My opponent got a phone call so I was able to take several pics here. The way I see it there are three main choices...
  13. Mkbtank

    Happy Birthday 12Squared!!

    Dave you are one of the many great guys on this site. Such a pleasure to have met you and I hope that your Birthday goes as smoothly as that stroke of yours!!!!
  14. Mkbtank

    Happy Birthday Kentucky!!!

    Happy Birthday Bill!! Buy yourself a chocolate dessert and send me an invoice!!
  15. Mkbtank

    A few Florida pics

    (Left to right) Mark, Bille, Mitch, Ben Youngstown kid getting it done. Hardmix (or as I call him, Clark Kent/Superman) Oneholenut (Jason) deep in thought with Ben on the next table Bille doing his thing in the booth... He’s a natural. Only the Best Chicken and Waffles I’ve...
  16. Mkbtank Trip to Florida

    So in light of the Memphis change, it looks like a small handful of us fellas are heading to FL for some one pocket fun and camaraderie this weekend. In attendance it looks like will be Oneholenut, Col Bille, Hardmix, Youngstownkid, and myself. The field for this tournament is pretty...
  17. Mkbtank

    Wwyd money game

    Last ball on the table. Your pocket is top right. Wwyd? 100 a game.
  18. Mkbtank

    Huge Congrats to NAPA Champion Col Bille!!!

    Bille won the A bracket 10 Ball Championship in New Orleans!!! Got himself a bunch of cash, a sweet trophy, and a title which can never be taken away! Billy we all know how much you love the game of pool and I am so happy to see such a good guy get this reward after your dedication, practice...
  19. Mkbtank

    What was your one biggest game changer?

    Could be a mental point of OnePocket, or a change to your stroke, or a final thought. Or a pre-shot change. Whatever. What’s yours?? About a year ago, after being told many times over the years, I started holding the back of the cue very lightly. My game went up 3 balls just like that...
  20. Mkbtank

    Miller vs Cincykid Wwyd

    Well fellas I took a wwyd also while these two brothers of ours were playing.. and here it is :). You are facing your hole (Hole is bottom right by the 6 ball). JoJo is wayyy up in Canada by the top corner and nothing goes in your hole except the 9, and even that barely passes so even...