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    the break heard around the world

    if you havent seen it IT WORKED THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    efren needs 1 wwyd

    hi guys trying to keep the site going as are you all too..... 👍 :) efrens shot
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    wwyd ??

    shane gentile gentile up 5-0 ball score shanes shot wwyd (wish ghost was posting these)
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    tasc ebony

    $2800 call for more info]772-538-0031
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    i need advice here

    my pocket is where the cue ball is we both need one whats the shot for me i am sorry i didnt take a picture of what i shot but i will diagram later
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    if you think you kick well

    in snooker you only have to get on the ball
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    for your information

    i brought up artie and did not want to side track that thread so for any one who wants to know alittle about him read this if you want to understand chicago style onepocket read old threads with his responses
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    FOR COMING TO MY HOUSE SATURDAY. i had a great time. your shirt was a pleasure to play in it was great to have time to catch up thanks for the whooping....... 😁 and the teaching.....👍 if anyone wants a shirt you can order them and check them out in the classified section...
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    hustlers jamboree

    arnaldo on azb posted this link if its new to you you should enjoy it
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    here is the layout you are the white ball since most of us dont play 3 cushion i will show what blomdahl shot for the 3 cushion players please comment on what would you have done since there usually is more than one way to score a point i know everyone immediately saw that as the answer..... 😎...
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    babey huey and bob jewett showed us a few of these dr dave just posted a link to a video about them you can see how many would be applicable to onepocket he credits bob jewett for help with the shots and video here is a direct link to the video...
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    Happy Birthday John Henderson

    Hope you have a great day John ... :)
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    joyner cooney wwyd>

    alittle more end game cliffs shot he leads 4-0 in ball count
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    Vapros I had to chuckle

    When in your last journal you said “baton rouge is a jumping town as is New Orleans one of our suburbs” having lived in New Orleans during my college days I had to chuckle at that.... (y) keep up your journals i enjoy reading them and your perspective on life stay safe bill larry
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    banking info from dr dave this might help some newbees and there might be a nugget for an oldee
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    busty efren 2345 continued

    there are a few more shots in this sequence i think will be fun to follow its now efrens shot efrens pocket is lower left other side of the 2 stripes
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    bustamonte vs efren again 2345

    busty's shot wwyd?? not a sexy wwyd but i will eventually show a sequence of a few shots its better than politics......:) busty's pocket is bottom right where the cue ball is behind the 2 stripes
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    busty vs danny

    busty's shot wwyd??
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    dennis vs tony

    its tony's shot bob.....the score is correct....:) wwYOUdo ???? since tony has a match coming up with busty i will try to find some wwyd with them individually or together if i have any (i cant delete the since below) since
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    efren scott smoking aces 2014

    its efrens shot first question is forget about who is playing because whichever side of the score eferen is on i am betting on him ghost asked this in another thread and its a good one if you were playing even against someone your level would you rather be ahead in the score and shooting ? why...