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    Whitey's Kicking Game! Whitey
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    Grady's Bank Drill!

    This is taken off of a thread that crabbcatjohn threaded. Enjoy, Whitey
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    Efren's Bank!

    This IMO is a great bank, watch carefully what he has on the cb. Also this of course is a good match! It seems every shot is wwyd! Bank scenario is starting at approx. 1:19.00. Enjoy, Whitey I added this sequence of shots leading up to a very nice bank by Shane @ 2:25. If you guys watch this...
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    Carom/3C Standard Bridge?

    In regards to a standard bridge; in Billiards they either curl all fingers tightly together and back, or just leave out the pinky. In Pocket Billiards usually all fingers have a spread. Why in Billiards do they do this? thanks, Whitey
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    Tony Chohan's Kick Shot!

    This is quite a match, and since the start these guys have been bringing some shots. But, Tony does one great kick shot, which comes up in a couple of innings. There is also a beautiful kiss shot at 19:20 by Danny, in which he is also playing a shape/safe! There is also another beautiful Tony...
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    3c - Spotting Balls when Frozen?

    @ 5:50 I was in hopes a fabulous high reverse english shot of some sort would be played across the end rail. But no, a kick instead. Then comes up the frozen situation. I was under the impression that when a ball is frozen to the cb then you are required to shoot away/no contact allowed, but...
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    OP Bank Scenario I Would Play! This is a OP scenario that I have been wanting to share with members for awhile. This is from an actual game in which the pro did not recognize that this shot was available! I otherwise do not remember the specific match. This shot is tricky, in that...
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    Efren vs. Alex - OP!

    I really enjoyed this match! Whitey
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    Baby Huey's OP Shot! Click on video for sound and little box to enlarge. Baby Huey asked me to thread this video of him performing this shot. He will add a comment about the shot. Whitey
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    Father's Day Quarantine Banks! Click on video for sound. My intent was to do cross corner and side banks on this end of the table. This might be something you guys might want to try. Videoing yourself with the intent to post the video. Not easy to stay focused. It took me a few...
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    It is also Bill Smith's (mr3cushion) Birthday!

    Happy B-day Bill! 75 yrs young. Whitey
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    Kitty Corner Bank W/ Safety I have been playing around with banking the ob in this position, either one rail or z bank. If the stack is not there then you can apply english to keep the cb down by the head rail. The z bank is challenging from this position. enjoy! Whitey
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    Cliff Joyner's Bank!

    I just had to post this! For me it caught me by surprise, wow! I liken it to watching the movie 'Carrie' when her hand reaches up out of the grave, and the whole audience jumps out of their seats. What a game winning bank! This is from a thread on the OP Forum by Ghost! thanks, Ghost! Whitey
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    Great Kick Shot by Dr. Bill!

    This kick shot is indicative of Billy's play through out this match. I viewed this entire match and it is great watching a true master. As I am watching this match, I realize I am viewing old school mastery at it finest. This is how to play OP. Not many players of today could of stood up to...
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    Whitey's Game of Short Rack Banks! click on video for sound. This was the toughest video I ever did, for its to much talking. lol Of course you can always do a full on break, the soft break is an option. So what do you guys think! I think it is a tough little game, and maybe to tough...
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    videos to kick off the new forum!

    Here are a few previous posted videos that new members may not of seen & to kick off the new forum: Banks, Kicks, & Golf. click on videos to get sound there is a little gap between the cb and ob. using right spin to transfer left spin on the ob...
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    Efren vs. Medley Controversy!

    I viewed this entire match, and I'll let you decide how you feel Mike's sportsmanship is. He lost count on a game where he thought he was out, but he still needed a ball, and as you here he refers back to this instance, and states Efren tried to cheat him. He also seems to be talking quite...
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    OP Jump/Bank! click on videos for sound. Happy Birthday "Cooler", enjoy! Whitey
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    OP / let the cb fly! click on video for sound. Enjoy, Whitey
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    "About - Face" OP Bank! click on video for sound, and little box lower right to enlarge. OP scenario, I need two. Enjoy! Whitey