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    Chip v. Dennis tonight on Facebook

    Dennis giving Chip 10-8 for a bunch. Chip won last night 5K race to 7. I think it's on Chip's Facebook page starting around 5 PM.
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    Chip Compton is the next great American One Pocket Player

    Over the past year, we have watched Chip Compton in three big action matches. In the first, he was considered the underdog against Scott Frost. He dusted Frost off in an 8 ahead match in about six hours. Then he really stepped up and challenged Tony Chohan on his home turf in Oklahoma City. He...
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    Top U.S. players 2020: Comments welcome

    1. Tony Chohan-Won 2016 Buffalo's Pro Classic, Action warrior and no American is playing him. Beat Chip Compton in a race to 24 this year. 2. Shane Van Boening Three time Derby City Champion, plays very little one pocket other than Derby and US Open. 3. Corey Deuel-Derby City Champion, great...
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    2020 Rankings

    1. Alex Pagulayan 2. Dennis Orcullo 3. Francisco Bustamante 4. Tony Chohan 5. Shane Van Boening 6. Corey Deuel 7. Roberto Gomez 8. Chip Compton 9. Evan Lunda 10. Justin Hall 11. Billy Thorpe 12. Joshua Filler 13. Scott Frost 14. Warren Kiamco 15. Danny Smith Looks like some money games are in...
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    Chohan v. Bustamante: Race to 24 June 16, 17, 18 at Buffalo's Billiards

    $10,000 in the middle.
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    Facebook Live Chohan v. Roberts 8-7 tomorrow 2:30 pm EDT Race to 10

    Stirring up a little action for your cabin fever. TRex giving 8-7 to Josh Race to 10 for 5K. Tony's Facebook Live at 2:30 PM tomorrow, Friday, April 10, 2020.
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    2020 One Pocket points leaders: Derby City Classic

    1 USA THORPE Billy 16,000 2 USA HALL Justin 8,000 3 PHI GOMEZ Roberto 6,400 4 GBR MELLING Chris 4,800 5 USA FROST Robert 3,400 6 SCO SHAW Jayson 2,200 6 GER FILLER Joshua 2,200 6 USA BERGMAN Justin 2,200 6 ATENCIO Jesus 2,200 10 USA WOODWARD Skyler 1,250 10 CAN...
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    One pocket update

    Down to end: JHall (0) Thorpe (1) Melling (1) Gomez (0) Frost (1) Shaw(1)
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    One Pocket Hall of Fame Dinner

    All, I will hold off in getting reservations for the dinner until we have the vote for the inductees. For right now, it looks like we'll have a choice of all you can eat boiled shrimp or ribeye steaks with the sides, or if you are really hungry, surf and turf. Location: Buffalos on...
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    Tony Chohan vs. Chip Compton January 14-15-16 race to 24 EVEN at Chester's in OK City

    Well, we have Busty and Corey playing in January, then right after, we have this monster match. $30,000 in the middle. Pay per view by Sullyvision
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    John Morra v. Danny Smith live on

    Free stream on now
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    HOF: For your early consideration

    Francisco Bustamante: DOB 12-29-63 Age: 55 2018 Derby City One Pocket Champion 2019 Derby City One Pocket Champion 2013 Derby City Banks Champion 2017 Derby City Banks Champion Alex Pagulayan: DOB 6-25-78 Age 41 2015 Derby City One Pocket Champion 2016 Derby City One Pocket Champion 2011...
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    Facebook membership

    I encourage all of you who are on Facebook to invite your one pocket friends to facebook page. Many people use Facebook exclusively to get their news on One Pocket. We are up to 229 members on the Facebook page, a page that allows you to share video and photos with ease. Let's try...
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    Two sides of the same coin

    Our game can be analogized to a coin. On one side, you have the gamblers. On the other side, you have tournament play. On the one side, we will call it heads for simplicity sake, we have the old school gambling ways, where playing under cover or stalling was a necessary part of a player's...
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    Jim the Pilot vs. Joe A

    Free stream
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    Danny vs. Lunda Free stream

    Happening now in New Orleans
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    Frost vs. Smith in New Orleans

    Day one Recap: The players have agreed to play a minimum of 8 hours per day in this 8 ahead set, with additional play with mutual consent. My assessment after a day one that ended in a tie. This is dead gambling. Scott is a little off in his ball running and has admitted that the table is...
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    John Schmidt is at it again. 490!

    Just got word that Schmidt put up a 490 this week in California.
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    Shredder vs. Freezer at Buffalos

    Danny Smith Ay freezer, come freeze up 20k at buffalos for a little one pocket session! Attention freezer I never lost I just ran out of money! I'm ready! Scott Frost 15 hrs · I heard Danny Smith just called me out? I’m willing to accommodate him. Come to Buffalo's May 23-26 for the best...
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    Buffalo's Pro Classic: May 23-26 2019

    Ok here is the Buffalos Big One Pocket Tournament confirmed entries so far..... 1---- Efren Reyes 2----Dennis Orcullo 3----Alex Pagulayan 4---Tony Chohan 5---Danny Smith 6---Francisco Bustamanti 7---Jason Brown 8---Chip Compton 9---Josh Roberts 10---Justin Hall 11---Evan Lunda