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  1. youngstownkid

    Making the most of it

    I may not get to go out and play much in the near future, but I feel fortunate that I have a nice diamond table to practice on. I’m not sure how motivated I’ll be to keep my game sharp though since I don’t expect many visitors. Hopefully my sons will want to spend some time occasionally...
  2. youngstownkid

    Cincy trip March 2020

    Chicago Mike and I decided to meet up for the handicapped one pocket tournament that was going to be held at Michael’s billiards on March 14 and 15th. I booked us an AirBnB for Thursday night through Sunday night at this house that was built in 1879. We had to take a few pics... I left...
  3. youngstownkid

    WWYD end game no shot

    You need em both. Your pocket is “under the nut sack”
  4. youngstownkid

    Simple Or No? WWYD

    In a scenario like this where I have one simple offensive shot (straight back the blue) and no clear shot to move balls away from my opponents pocket, I tend to feel lost. WWYD? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. youngstownkid

    Thinking Ahead

    This is where I?m struggling the most. What I?m wondering is if there are simple examples that we can explain and go over. In reading an old thread where Artie discussed shot selection and controlling the game, it seems to be the hardest part to teach. If it was easy then it would have...
  6. youngstownkid

    Michael?s Banks Warm Up Jan 4-5th

    Dee Adkins is running a Banks event at Michael?s in Cincinnati and it?s blowing up. He extended it to 96 players and it?s already full. However - If you wanted to enter you could get on a waiting list and most likely get in. Reach out to him on Facebook. $55 entry, $500 added I believe. 4/3...
  7. youngstownkid

    WWYD Air Diagram Guy

    I’m having trouble uploading attachments so I figured I’d start a funny thread just do something. So a guy you’ve known for a long time comes up to you to talk and wants to tell you about the shot he made the other day in league and he’s doing the typical pool player air diagram thing where...
  8. youngstownkid

    No score

    I marked your pocket with a poker chip. Time to ante up and tell me WWYD.
  9. youngstownkid

    You need 6

    Your pocket is marked by the white coin
  10. youngstownkid

    Rescued from Atlanta

    This beautiful puppy was a rescue from an Atlanta home where she was neglected and confined to a small room used primarily as overflow storage. She was however in excellent health and spirits. One of the last of the Dymondwood Rosewood models, I believe...
  11. youngstownkid

    Mark Ben 4

    Not in a good place here. I need them all to go in the pocket where the cue ball opponent is apparently trying to shark me...and I can’t take a backstroke due to space constraints. (Also it’s kind of musty.)
  12. youngstownkid

    Mark Ben 3

    Ben needs 4 of those balls by my pocket. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. youngstownkid

    Mark Ben 2

    Ben has bottom left pocket again (by the chalk) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. youngstownkid

    Mark Ben 1

    Ben has the pocket marked by the chalk..what should he do? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. youngstownkid

    Wwyd late game

    CB is near your pocket. WWYD if you needed 1. WWYD if you needed 2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. youngstownkid

    Chicago trip from hell report

    6/26: Bill Smith posts about having access to a beautiful rare Brunswick Alexandria for 6k. His comments below really got my attention, as a player of his caliber (I got the impression he is or was a top 3C player) means more to me than someone who doesn’t play serious pool. “Perfectly...
  17. youngstownkid

    Restored to Perfection?

    This is the quick version story of my awful weekend: Two weeks ago Bill Smith posted about a table for sale for 6k that he had access to that was restored to perfection. Before I could get much more information he posted that it was sold. Then last week I saw the same table posted by Bob...
  18. youngstownkid

    Mark & Larry - Caption this

    Caption this:
  19. youngstownkid

    Regional @Fiddlestix (Canton, OH)

    Who’s interested? I’m thinking two day but depends on turnout and what others are up for. If we don’t get a lot of members signing up I’d like to open it up for locals at my discretion (in other words I know who not to let play). Members get a discount on the entry or something like that...
  20. youngstownkid

    My Bluegrass Report

    Wednesday: I went in to the office in the morning but came home around lunch time and worked from home the rest of the day, so that I could start the drive as soon as possible. My wife started out driving in the rain and drove about halfway, and I closed it out...still in the rain. We arrived...