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    Donation Sale

    I realize that I just never watch DVDs anymore, so it's time to let go! I figure I'll convert this to the good of one pocket if I can. I haven't seen a thread about sponsoring a member for DCC -- do we still do that? If not, I can direct the donation to Steve and Cincy for their noble site...
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    Rules question

    I owe 3 and my opponent needs 2. I run all the balls so balls have to come up. Do they come up one at a time or do 3 come up at once? This was an 11-7 game to start. Thanks
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    I invested $2.00 in this app: It seems like it would work very well as a shot clock. After spending about 10 seconds adjusting the settings, I have the following: 1. Timer with full screen display -- would be...
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    Slow day

    For your amusement on a slow posting day. Mitch is coming to the DC area to knock off some locals. My message to him was perhaps worded a bit poorly:
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    Fremont WWYD

    You have the top right pocket and you need them all. Before the shot in question was made, I typed on the stream: "There's no kiss but that's one tough bank!" WWYD? This is approximate, not an exact rendering of the position.
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    I've played a lot of 1P, and I think I've had this position about twice in my life. My pocket is the one with all the balls. This is after about 25 innings, and with another 50+ yet to go (or so it seemed; probably about a 90 minute game). But my opponent was surprisingly good at getting me...
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    Stats with Dennis and Tony

    AtLarge posted some stats over on AZBilliards, so I did some math (Mike Page verified my calculations). I thought this group might be interested in one or both. Originally Posted by AtLarge View Post Eight days of One-Pocket: Orcollo - Chohan July 2017 Day 1: 3 - 10 Day 2: 11 - 10 Day 3...
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    Beast in the East starts tomorrow!

    Check out the great plaque that Mitch has created. I've scoped out my basement poolroom and installed some accent lighting to feature it prominently. My failproof path to victory: 1. Mitch. Leave him a go-fer shot and let him sell out. 2. Darrell. Hide his meds and take his walker. 3. Pool...
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    Go Mitch

    Mitch is doing well but it's getting a little tougher!
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    DCC at last!

    My first one, I'm very excited. I was supposed to go for my 40th birthday, and let's just say I'm not close to 40 now. See Member Cafe for my action list! Looking forward to seeing everyone again/for the first time!
  11. C Tourny -- Lost your glasses?

    If you lost a pair of glasses, they're probably the ones that somehow ended up in my bag. PM me and I'll mail them to you right away. Also, the tourney was a blast. I had 3 hill-hill matches, the highlight of which was against OneHoleNut, even though the outcome wasn't quite right. I'll post...
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    Member Tourney question -- Start time??

    I was just about to book my flight to get in late on Friday night when I decided to double check the flyer. It looks like Round 1 is on Friday night, but I remember the plan being to get some matches in on Friday where possible in order to get a head start, but to have the official starting time...
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    New Orleans: round robin to double-elimination system

    I said I would post up some more details on how a round robin could be used to accommodate more than 32 players (up to 48) without a time crunch. I also mentioned that it would make each person play more other players in total, and more matches before anyone is eliminated. The main benefit in...
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    West Houston tonight

    Looks like I'm going to either Bogeys West or Clicks on 290 around 11 tonight. Most of our posters will probably be asleep by then, but let me know if anyone's around. Also, assuming I'm not meeting anyone in particular, which of those two is better for finding 1P, and for being able to get a...
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    I'm getting entirely too much work done these days. I need someone to post some WWYDs. Did Ghost retire? Everybody still hungover? The DCC ended a week ago.
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    Cory vs. Androd 3

    Last one. I may not be as good as Ghost at picking interesting ones. This time, Rod is definitely shooting and he picked an option that was not what I would have picked. FYI, as I recall, I just 2-railed the 15 ball and drew back to off the long rail to where you see the cue ball positioned. I...
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    WWYD: Cory vs. Androd 2

    On this one, I have completely spaced. I don't know the score or who is shooting--I like to think that I just shot. In any case, you have the bottom right pocket and it's 2-1 or 1-2. WWYD? Maybe Rod can remind us who was shooting and what the shot was?
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    WWYD: Cory vs. Androd 1

    I figured I'd take some pictures and post up some WWYDs to cover for Ghost while he tries to rob Mitch and The Gang. Here's a game where I got up, but then Rod played some catchup. I think I need 2 and he needs 7. His pocket is the one with all the ball in front of it. Is there a shot better...
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    Tall Jeff, Rod -- Bogies today??

    Looks like I have some time to kill in Houston today. Planning to go to Bogies around 2:00 for a few hours before my flight. Would enjoy playing some--consolation for missing the Derby. And if one of you has a spare cue, that would be great. Otherwise I will have the house cue excuse for...
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    San Francisco?

    Looks like I'll have time to play some 1P in San Francisco on Saturday night. I'm staying downtown. Is Family Billiards still the place to go? Anyone from here play there? Thanks, Cory