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  1. Billy Jackets

    The Line between Gopher and Amazing

    The more videos I watch of Tony Chohan , the harder the line is to find, between what we used to refer to, as a "gopher or idiot shot" and a powerful response. I just watched him and Warren Kiamco from a couple of years ago. Every single time Warren had balls that were near his pocket and...
  2. Billy Jackets

    Johnny "Irish" Lineen

    One of the threads had some people talking about Irish and I thought you might like to see a pic sorry I am not savvy with software Not a lot of pictures of this guy around unfortuneately. If I am not mistaken I remember a news article or something that he worked at a billiard parlor and...
  3. Billy Jackets


    Your shot , race to 3 for $300.00 real dollars . No backers involved Score is 2 to 2 games, you need all 3 balls. Your pocket is where the 9 and 10 ball are Your opponent shoots a bit better than you, but you are a bit more strategic. The game is about as equal as they get. I don't think it...
  4. Billy Jackets

    Shot Scenario

    Your pocket is bottom right {The 10 ball is in it} Opponent scratched and spotted the eight ball, you need both balls. Where do you place the cue ball, and why. English used , whats the next shot, etc This shot comes up in a hundred different ways , this is just one of them. It's not a once in a...
  5. Billy Jackets

    Don't anybody open this thread except kentucky Bill

    So far we have 132 "Peekers" I bet you guys all got the same note on your report card every time, that I did . "Does not follow instructions well" My dad told me in the 10th grade, if he ever saw that note on a report card again, I would get the beating of my life, so being the clever chap I...
  6. Billy Jackets

    Tom Wirths newest video

    Three different, rail first tickies, to go into a catchers mitt from positions that can sometimes be challenging. I have used the concept before , but the last one especially I would not have played that way until I watched the video, only because it seems as though you can't easily get the...
  7. Billy Jackets

    Pool Know It Alls

    Is your pool room full of guys who have been there every day for 40 years or some place just like it? They sit around all day, waiting on a weaker player to come in, to win 10 dollars off of. They knock every body in the room , knock any action that might be about to happen, and know all the...
  8. Billy Jackets


    I just stumbled over this book , it is all about Fats family and especially his fathers escapades when he was young. It's fascinating to me and if even a tenth of it is true it makes him even more amazing to me. You can get it in ebook form for about 7 dollars but the majority of it is...
  9. Billy Jackets

    Alex vs Tony

    I can't find the listing for the matchup , can someone tell me when and where this is happening, please.
  10. Billy Jackets

    The Desire to win

    The desire to win. How much value would you put on it? The subject of 2 players came up the other day. Neither one is above a B player but the young guy has plenty of potential. The older guy knows more , the younger guy shoots a little straighter. Older guy should win 3 or 4 games out of 5...
  11. Billy Jackets

    Tournament times

    I was just reading one of the Journal entries by Youngstown kid about the difficulty of running one pocket tournaments. I have seen what happens when you have one or two people who play so slow it ruins the whole thing. I haven't been out and about much in the last few years so I was wondering...
  12. Billy Jackets

    Tournament times

    I meant for this to be in the Main Forum, sorry
  13. Billy Jackets

    Frozen Balls

    I have played a lot of good players who either did not see the shots, or did not know them. I use the systems to not only make balls, or move them to certain areas but also to play safe off of. If you have not incorporated this ability into your one pocket game , you are missing out on some very...
  14. Billy Jackets

    How Far

    How far did you get on your first road trip? Did anything memorable happen? I'll tell mine later.
  15. Billy Jackets

    One pocket tournaments

    Is there a list of tournaments between now and the end of the year somewhere? I would go to several a year , but I always find out about them too late. I thought there was going to be 1 pocket in Vegas in December but I don't see it listed.
  16. Billy Jackets


    I wish I could find the real story about who started Hold Em poker. I have a theory, that some sharp casino or card room owner, invented it, so the suckers were not so easily beaten, by smart players. Making the games last longer, and the rake would be more. The fascinating part to me is how...
  17. Billy Jackets

    Older man at DCC

    There was an older gentleman at Derby that beat Cliff in the one pocket Monday, does anyone know his name? He played a nice smooth game and pocketed balls like he was 25.
  18. Billy Jackets

    Nothing Shots

    When I was playing my best pool, 15 years ago, there was an old hustler in the pool room, watching intently, most days. One day I asked him how I could improve my game, and he said , you make too many "Nothing Shots". Meaning, they were not bad shots, but they did nothing to improve my position...
  19. Billy Jackets


    ................................wrong place%$#@&^& Can this be deleted ?
  20. Billy Jackets

    How Do Pool Players Survive

    Anybody that has spent much time around this game has probably been in the wrong place, at the wrong time, at least once and if you are hard headed , many more. One of my better ones was about winter 1972, I had gone in this bar I had never been in about 2 pm in the afternoon and there were a...