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  1. Jimmy B

    Happy Birthday, Robert Newkirk

    It's That Time.. Just Face It...
  2. Jimmy B

    Happy Birthday Ghost

    let's get this party started. You can hang out with your friends here and have a drink.. Happy Birthday.
  3. Jimmy B

    Happy Birthday to Cincy Kid

    Happy Birthday, Kid,
  4. Jimmy B

    Hard times live pov one pocket

    Stream going.. Frank was doing commentary with TAng Hoa, but got called to his table, for combat...
  5. Jimmy B

    One Pocket Match

    Busty and Brandon S.................
  6. Jimmy B

    Hard times live pov one pocket

  7. Jimmy B


    Is that him.??. The flared out nose.. His sheet. hmmm,, Would be a nice birthday gift to Doc. Not my find.. Just saw it on az...
  8. Jimmy B

    The Pilot-Birthday.

    Let's not forget the reigning champion on his birthday...
  9. Jimmy B

    John Henderson (jrhendy) Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday.. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the one pocket tournament and your Commentary..Ciao festeggio assieme a voi
  10. Jimmy B

    Birthday Blues

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Bill Rock And Roll Today
  11. Jimmy B

    Hard Times

    One Pocket Talking about The Martin Rule
  12. Jimmy B

    First Annual

    Suppose to be a free stream for a Bogies One Pocket event that's going to be occurring each year at this time. I don't when it starts or if these links work or anything, but you can check them. Did they steal Red Card's little image there?
  13. Jimmy B


    Hey Ghost. Where you at?? You're the same age as my brother (a few days older) Have a good one. Later... Hope you're flying high, like old snoopy...
  14. Jimmy B

    Efren Challenge POV Free

    He is supposed to be there playing random people that want the experience. They say it's free so tune in.. 10-7 money games......!!!! Today Tues. Wed...!!
  15. Jimmy B

    Miller Time

    I noticed it was Dustin's Bd. Had to make sure to put up an appropriate card. Here we go... Most people know you're a red blooded family man. If anyone deserves a shout out, it's Dustin. He does WWYD threads. Put's up videos. Contributes to all type conversations and donates...
  16. Jimmy B

    Varner vs. Fusco WWYD

    Nicky Varner had the game well in hand and leads 6-0 here. But Fusco made a good two railer and has located a ball in a good position and has it sort of blocked off. Now it is Varner's shot. What would you do? Legends..... ps. The cue ball is NOT up next to the side pocket. It is the ball that...
  17. Jimmy B

    Happy Birthday Frank 'The Barber' Almanza and Bill 'Mr3Cushion' Smith

    Can we do a two fer?? Is That allowed??
  18. Jimmy B

    Happy Birthday Dr. Bill

    Heard you been playing good. This girl wants to help keep you in stroke. Have a good one...
  19. Jimmy B

    One Pocket 101

    Ok. This is for beginners or girls. Experts should pass on it, since it is too easy. Strawberry is going to the table with those dark sunglasses on. Roberts has left this. This was back when you could play a tournament and shoot with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth, and Brooks is taking...
  20. Jimmy B

    Happy Birthday Miller

    I had to do to ya cause it's the Big Four Uh oh.. All down hill from here on out. Have you built that privacy fence yet, or is the ground still too hard:cool: