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    walking with Giants, Rempe

    thanks to you all for a look at the great days of pool!
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    Chicago action streaming

    where was that table, don't wanna go there
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    happy Bday Bruce , Sorry I missed the day but I stayed in bed and read all day, hope you're both in the best of health.would like to bring you some bread next week if you can tell me a drop-spot
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    If I had a home like yours and a view like you do and I assume a pool table too I would not want to go out! cept maybe for beer, and instacart will deliver
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    Pat Johnson

    we're all praying for a quick return of your health and happiness Pat.
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    One Pocket Videos and TV Pool Balls

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it
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    What's everybody doing within or outside of the parameters of our lockdown?

    I used to cap the exterior in special bent aluminum,then caulk with silicone. It was a great business and I miss it.
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    What's everybody doing within or outside of the parameters of our lockdown?

    I was in the window installation for 30 yrs,you did a great job.Who manufactured those beauties?
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    One Pocket Streams

    thanks for the info about evan and scott. I know you were always high on Lunda
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    Covid-19 and

    one per hour
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    Covid-19 and

    will one low alky beer work?
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    John vs. Barry 2

    jack up and bank the 11 with as much draw as you can muster
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    2020 Members Only Tournament location poll

    i'm for chris's and i hope to play.
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    FS: 3 Unique Cognoscenti cues

    Hi everyone, Helping a friend sell 3 of his Cognoscenti sticks: Pictures are located here: #1 - Brand New Ebony Cog - Plain sterling silver ringed ebony cue - 4 ivory double vision points both in the nose and butt - Ivory ovals and lines in between the points - 2 new...
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    bob runde cue

    i've got a brand new bob runde cue,ebony points,bloodwood grip(unwrapped) two shafts,ivory joint and ferrules,unchalked. any body know what i can expect to get for it?---moori medium tips.