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    Still Alive

    Hi everyone, just letting ya'll know that I am well and still alive. My 1P game has got so bad I have a rough time even typing the word. I have the shakes and that make for a real bad game. I do enjoy reading all the post, so I am keeping up with yo guys. Thank God Tyler Bob takes pity on me...
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    Update on Cliff

    Anyone have anything to update what is happening with Cliff?---Smitty
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    Gabe and Danny

    Who won?---Smitty
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    Rule about spotting balls

    I have forever been told when spotting balls with the CB in the path of the balls to be spotted, that you always freeze all balls to each other but you don't freeze them against the CB. You must leave a very little amount of space between the OB and CB. Is this true?---Smitty
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    To all my friends on this forum: Have a safe and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Smitty
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    Danny Smith

    Danny won it 24 -14.---Smitty
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    Spotting of the balls

    Got a question, this came up today and I didn't know the answer. We were spotting balls on the spot and had I guess 5 of them lined up and the statement was made what happens if you have to spot balls all the way back to the rail and need to spot another ball or 2? Do they go in front of the...
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    Coming to Houston

    I will be at Bogie's on 1960 today from around 12 till into the night. Only going to be in town for today , leaving out tomorrow early AM. Hope to see some of the gang and play some 1P.---Smitty
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    Unable to post

    Say guys I have a friend who has joined our forum as TylerBob. He wants to play in the Seniors event and be part of one pocket players on this forum. He has told me he has tried to post on a couple of different subjects but keeps getting a "unable to post" each time. I will verify his skills...
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    Way To Go Jeff

    Our own Jeff Sparks took home the bacon at the Lone Star Tour at Bogie's.---Smitty
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    Super Super Seniors Tournament

    Words cannot describe how much fun it was to experience the tournament. To put a face to the guys we have been trading ideas with for over 15 years was amazing. One of the funny things that I noticed was when ever a group of us stood around to shoot the bull we would always start talking about...
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    Patch in shirt of Super Seniors

    Hey guys, what am I suppose to do with that patch that is sewn in that polo shirt?---Smitty
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    Using a jump stick

    Yesterday at the poolhall I was watching a game of 1P and one of the players said I should have used my jump cue to jump over a ball to make one in his hole instead of playing what he did. Then the question came up is that legal. I thought it was illegal to use a jump cue. What is the ruling on...
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    Rules Question

    Had a situation come up the other day, need some input from the rule gurus that stand guard on the rules. Lets say the 11 ball is froze to the rail, the shooter hits a object ball with the CB ever so soft, the OB does not hit a rail, the CB rolls up to the 11and sticks to it. Now the question...
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    Headed to Houston Again

    Well we got the phone call today that we are transferred to the Houston area for a while, don't know for how long, but there is a pool God. Being able to go to poolhalls that have 9 footers and one pocket players. Isn't life grand! Will most likely be playing a lot at Bogie's West as that will...
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    Danny Smith vs. Josh Roberts

    Did this match up happen after the match with JJ and if so who won.---Smitty
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    Ball on the line, Legal or Not

    Anyone remember the thread about what is a legal ball to shoot with ball in hand behind the headstring. Tried to tell some guys today that the whole ball needed to be out and of course they were saying the middle of the ball. I am going to print out the thread so they will see the light. I know...
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    Moving to Natchez, Ms.

    I will be moving to Natchez around the first of Sept. Anyone with any ideas as to where I can shoot pool, mainly one pocket, I would be most grateful. Anyone with a 9 ft. table in their home I will be a very polite guest.--Smitty
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    Poolhalls in Natchez, Ms.

    Anyone know of any poolrooms in or around Natchez, Ms. that have 9 footers and some 1P players. Doc aren't you from Gulfport and how far is that from Natchez. Wife has a job offer to go to work there and I need a place to shoot pool and play golf.--Smitty
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    Banana's in San Antonio

    Doyle and all you guys at Bananas I will be there maybe next Sat. but for sure Sunday and Monday. Hope to see ya'll and play some 1P.--Smitty