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  1. unoperro

    Nolan Ryan has saved me a bunch of money.

    I was 100% certain Filler would beat Chohan but due to my Ryan experiance I never offered a wager. I was living in DFW and following Rangers baseball. I was able to attend many games and caught the rest on tv or radio. Mark Holtz and Eric Nadel were a fantastic radio team. Nolan Ryan was going...
  2. unoperro

    Anyone seen video of this shot?

    So this is a "high karate" shot with draw. I saw it years ago in a video. I dont know if the player actually was intending the break out but was impressive. I had Joey Barnes shoot this and he was close. I had Jack Hines shoot it and he couldnt help but over juice it. Duel has nothing on him in...
  3. unoperro

    Dcc DeRuyter vs Jason Miller

    This is a pretty good match. Tim mostly exercized good cueball control,good moving,and straight shooting. Jason did a little moving and made a few nifty banks. Question is in the second game Jason is running out,needs 2,and he banks this 3 with speed holding up whitey. Bank comes back tight and...
  4. unoperro

    # the pockets ala golf ?

    Most have prob played golf on the table so... can we not just say shooting at the 4 hole?
  5. unoperro

    Another end game wwyd.

    So here you are the shooter.tap the pic to enlarge it. Both going to 8. You need 1. Opponent needs all 3. Your pocket is where the chalk is on the rail
  6. unoperro

    Crazy weather

    37 years ago today I flew to Hawaii courtesy of the Miller Lite pool league. We had great weather in S.Dak. the prior week with 70° days and about 45° at night. Got to Hawaii and the wind was howling . It was only 40° with driving rain. Storm passed quickly and it began to warm up. The rest of...
  7. unoperro

    End game wwyd

    Playing even. You both need 2. Your shot . You have top right pocket where the chalk is.
  8. unoperro

    A foul gives incoming player 1 free shot?

    I am against changing the rules. I did see a 8ball game played where after a foul incoming player got a free shot. Meaning you could shoot to move a ball or balls without pocketing anything,and then you got another turn. On your second turn you had to legally pocket a ball to continue...
  9. unoperro

    Of venery,venaria, not veneria.

    So to be clear this muse is on the collective nouns that denote groups of animals , not sexual intercourse. Recently I learned of pegs,cobs,and cygnets,all terms for swans. I had known that murder was a term for a group of crows so I googled why? Not surprisingly I found many had asked the same...
  10. unoperro

    2 balls on spot,aka as Sleeping in the park shot.

    So after watching Tom's great vids I decided to try the make the back ball bank,both versions. As I only got decent results about every tenth time I decided I didn't like either option. I do have pretty good sucess with the draw shot to make the headball and often pocket both. So my question is...
  11. unoperro

    ESPN CollegeGameDay

    They are doing the show from my home town. This is the big NDSU V SDSU Rivalry! GO BIG GO BLUE!
  12. unoperro

    Toxic algae

    Here are some pics of our flooding that is down from the spring but still widespread. Algae grows in the stagnant pools and ponds. We had a week of 90+ weather a couple of weeks ago. Heat and a lack of wind made for deadly algae blooms. This algae probably isnt toxic but losing a dog is a tough...
  13. unoperro

    Playing golf?

    Anybody play where your ball doesnt come off when you hickey?
  14. unoperro

    It takes birds to make bird dog😀

    So my pups are now 11 months old. Still have 2 males and the female. Exactly 1 more then I planned on keeping but I am not actively trying to sell any. We have been marching across fields and cattail sloughs for a month. Very happy with progress and how they handle. I have been lucky enough to...
  15. unoperro

    The sad sad truth

    Pool tends to be a game which encourages selfishness. Perfection means not allowing your opponent a turn,or at least denying a decent turn. Break and runs, be it 8and out, or a run of 150. The 147 max break in snooker. Think about this Willie Mosconi was reported to have said if he played his...
  16. unoperro

    Anna's addiction

    So as I have told before, when I first got Anna as a 5year old weimaraner bitch, she was grossly overweight. Her previous owner had her in her home with 7,yes seven, other adult weims. Being too lazy to feed the dogs properly she let them free feed. Some,albeit few, dogs or people can regulate...
  17. unoperro

    Lincoln Nebr. Next weekend

    Any place/ any body to play? Prob have Danny Olson with me for any rotation action.
  18. unoperro

    Anna's pups and field test for natural abillity.

    As a member of NorthAmerican VersatileHuntingDogAssoc(NAVHDA) I went to a natural abillity test Sunday. I have 2 pups entered in a June 1st test and wanted to know what to expect. Met many nice people and their dogs. It was quite a mix of both. I did walk with 2 handlers and their dogs to...
  19. unoperro

    Strange Friendships

    In the animal kingdom there are some bizzare friendships between animals of differant species. Horse barns at the track are often inhabited by pigs,goats,dogs,cats,various fowl,all whose purpose is comforting the horses. One day as I was loading Anna and her 2 male pups up for a run a man...
  20. unoperro

    Doggone expenses.

    So a new electric training collar for 3 dogs just set me back 590 last week. Monday trip to vets for rabies bordello(kennel cough),and heartworm for 4 months,410. Flea and tick for 3 months 237. Female pup going to a trainer for prep for NAVHDA test 675 to begin. Prob another 350 after that. 45...