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    i need advice here

    Yeah, I see others have posted this and I agree. If the high karate looks unwise, as it does here (despite Catkins's strong attempt), then this is the safest. I call this a "W" safety because the CB and OB trace out sort of a W shape. The W is the lamest of all safes in my mind (except maybe for...
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    John vs. Barry 10 - end game - wwyd?

    But if I didn't want to take the hanger, then I'd go with Cincy's shot. That's no fun from frozen on the rail like that, but dinking the 10 leaves a game winning 2-railer on the stripe with protection from the 1 ball!
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    John vs. Barry 10 - end game - wwyd?

    There is always offense. Here, the 10 is nearly dead off the side pocket tip.
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    Deuel vs Owen -- WWYD 3

    This is 100% what I saw *for me*. The kick off the long rail to push the 6 over to Gabe's pocket doesn't look close to a scratch, so long as he can hit it close to correct to making it. So I could see a great player shooting that, too. Chohan probably would. One risk is that the stack protects...
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    John vs. Ray 7 - wwyd?

    I mean the one out in the middle of the table. If your shot misses, it looks like the 2 ball could make for an oversize pocket for cutting the 13.
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    John vs. Ray 7 - wwyd?

    I'll have to try this tonight. I think I'm banking that 9 ball with maximum right. And I got a tripod so I don't have to have goofy camera angles anymore. If not that, then IslandDrive's shot.
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    Birthday....Birthday....1 HOLE NUT

    Happy Birthday, hope you and family are hanging in there. Would like to repeat our tough matchups someday!
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    Donn vs. Pete 1 wwyd?

    That's the shot I saw as well, assuming it's there. Can't quite tell if the 15 is a problem for this.
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    Donn vs. John 12 wwyd?

    I'd probably shoot the 2-railer on the 1, aiming at the 4 because it's pretty much idiot-proof. But to add one more option to the mix, the 4 is a big ball and a light and very controllable masse would have a good chance of making it and shaping the 6.
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    3 fouls, how common?

    Way less than 1 in 100. Practically, about the only way it can happen is that both players took intentional fouls so both are on 2, and the shooter is in a tough spot where he has to go for something that lets the cue ball loose, and then he ends up scratching.
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    Covid 19 one hole

    Good to hear from you! Better a has been than a never was.
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    Covid 19 one hole

    Might work better with straight pool? In the olden days, people played chess by mail, but it's a little easier to keep the pieces in the right place!
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    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    Very smooth, made it look like a hanger!
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    John vs. Barry 9 - wwyd?

    That's pretty devastating if it works, and the difficulty is not too high relative to the reward! I didn't see that. 3C's shot is strong, too.
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    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    Thanks, looking forward to seeing if yours is better! Must be kicking the 4 and bumping the 5?
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    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    Trying to embed again. The make (2nd attempt) is at about the 25 second mark.
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    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    Crazy like a fox! This is the shot I posted at #11 and Pilot posted at #14. First time was a mess but didn't totally sell out. Drained it the second time, with shape. I figure if I'd been playing at all, much less for a few hours, my first attempt will be closer to the second attempt in the...
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    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    I think it's easier to aim the 10-9 combo for the 9 ball to go 3 rails at my hole instead of 1 rail. But I can't tell if that would involve enough angle on the 10-ball hit to bring the cue to the rail and back over for the 4/5. Looks like not. If not, it looks like the 3 rail shot would send the...
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    John vs. Rich 2 - wwyd?

    He hit that one pretty good! Probably have to make the 13 now and go into the stack. The cool kids (not me) hit the 15 and roll down behind the 13.
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    Ghost vs. Donn 7 wwyd?

    True. But you could go for the 3-railer and draw the cueball over on the same path. That's my $10 game shot.