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    Keep it up Johnny Willis

    Looks like Johnny Willis from Memphis beat that Anthony Kid from Fla. that plays very well, to move to 5th round. Good job, keep it up man.
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    "SO YOUR SAYING I HAVE CHANCE" My Memphis recap

    After being in my biggest Action/Practice drought in some 15 years if you would have told me I was going to beat Mr. Tom Wirth, Mr. Robert Newkirk, then Mr. Wirth again in the finals to claim my biggest one hole tournament payday, i would have literally laughed out loud(LOL). I went to this...
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    Reassessing "the Bite"

    The "Bite" of Cliff Joyner: The “Cliff bite” and what it turned into for me Pool is and will most likely be my only real hobby. When I was in my late teens and early 20's, I thought being the best pool player in my neighborhood meant something, until I went to Mobile, Alabama for a McDermott...
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    Day 3 Stream

    When, and Where is todays stream
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    Finally my action report from Chicago.

    I was looking forward to getting in the grease with as many members as I could while i was there, but just like New Orleans, and most one pocket tournaments there is never enough time, tables, or opponents to get into it like i would have liked. The action I did get into was very fun, and I...
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    Chicago WOW!!!

    Bucket list #23 check. I have been to a lot of poolrooms but this one that i have heard so much about over the years was by far the best Poolroom i have ever walked into, great equipment that was well taken care of, they vacuumed the billiard table more than a worker at a full service car wash...
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    Thanks for my 15 minutes.

    I rarely post on the forum but when i do it is the truth, sometimes even about other people, which makes me a honest guy with a big mouth. That why i do not post much. I am proud of my "VERY FEW" positive outcomes in one hole and pool, and on paper i may have looked good in a couple of...
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    My buffalo's experience

    Ever since I heard about this event I knew I was going to take off and be there to watch the best of the best play, even though I have heard Frost himself complain about these kind of events(big entry fee and not getting help with room and board). They did help with this in this event, even...
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    More History

    NIT here to try and give the other side of the story since people want to talk about stuff they do not know about. First and foremost me and Col. Bille met as I was learning this great game from the late "GREAT" Mike Surber even though me and Mike did not gamble, Billy walks into the pool room...
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    Tunica, Donkey's point of view!

    There is good and bad things about having a Derby type Tourney at a casino, but the good way out way the bad in my opinion. I had a chance to talk with Greg S. of Diamond and for what he is trying to do for pool if we give him enough time and some participating support there will be a year round...