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    Winning One Pocket

    Mr Jewitt what is Position Play in Three Cushion worth?
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    3 minute interview of Paul Newman on the Hustler

    This just popped up for me on youtube. Thought it might be of interest. You can actually practice your Spanish by reading the subtitles.
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    WWYD Baby Huey

    Incardona's shot is on page 273 of Winning One-Pocket.
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    2 balls on spot,aka as Sleeping in the park shot.

    I first saw this shot when Fats played it in one of those Legends matches on ESPN in the early 80's. Being a fat guy myself I said " I am always going to shoot that shot when it comes up". At the 1987 winter Reno Tournament I saw Bob Jewett describe a method for aiming this shot. With Bob's...
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    John Schmidt at BullShooters

    John Schmiidt began his quest to beat Mosconi's record yesterday at BullShooters in Phoenix. His first attempt was 179. For the day he had 4 runs over 100 and finished the day with a lofty run of 384 that featured a few amazing shots to keep the run alive. He continues today at noon Az time...
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    frmn at the us open

    I want to say thanks to Mark Griffin and his staff at Grif's for putting on the US Open Banks and Onepocket. Mary Kaufman as the tournament director did a great job. The tables played true from one to the other. I actually heard from a local customer complain that they recovered to often. You...
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    Arizona State Onepocket Championship August 19-21

    BullShooters in Phoenix will be hosting the Arizona State Onepocket Championships August 19-21. Entry fee will be $100 with a guaranteed $2000 added. Play will begin Friday night at 7. Races to be determined by number of entries, probably 4 and 3, with a max match length of 3 hours. Finals will...
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    California Billiards

    Any word on the relocation effort of California Billiards?
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    Scott Frost vs. Mitch Ellerman Live Now Free (Race to 5)

    2014 Az. State 1P Championship (Finals)- Scott Frost vs. Mitch Ellerman
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    Joyner's HOF Dinner

    With all the people that will attend the HOF dinner for Joyner, he probably owes 90% of them for letting him "Hold a Hundred". Do you think he will show up under that kind of pressure?
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    US Open 1Pocket in Reno

    Hey Hendy One Pocket at the Bar Table Championships. See for details.
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    Bridge in or out

    did they ever fix the bridge over the Ohio river to get to the Horseshoe Casino? Is Enzo contracting transportation to the Casino this year. Thanks in advance Frmn.
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    $4000 added October Onepocket

    Bullshooters in Phoenix is announcing Onepocket October 12,13,14 with $4000 added. There is no minimum for the added. The money will be there, count on it. Entry is $200 before October 6th ,$225 after. First 48 entered play. Format is race to 3 double elimination with a 1 race to 4 final...
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    jack johnson

    Not sure of the spelling but whatever happened to Jack Johnson. He was the guy that put on "The Last Call for Nineball" in Atlantic City with a forty thouuuuuuusand dollar first prize. I used to see him playing one pocket in vegas at Cuetopia. He wasn't to bad of a player. Did he just run out...
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    hard times

    any results from sacramento?
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    louie roberts and charisma

    over on azbilliards jay helfert had a thread on players eith charisma which reminded me of this louie roberts story. about a tear before he died louie moved to mesa and tommy's billiards to get his life together. he becam involved with a rich older lady who started out as a spectator,then a...
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    efren n rich

    just finished watching the youtube series of efren playing in santa monica this year. on the video titled "efren reyes and richard house of billiards 5-24/19 at 3:15 check out the efren shot. amazing conceptualization and perfect execution. that is why he is the magcian. thanks to whoever posted...
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    artie at the eightball

    artie was seen competing in the bca seniors or super seniors. how was your experience and what did you think of all the eightball competitions?