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  1. calibration

    Derby dindin Saturday night

    Last year we met and had dinner as a big group, yes the music was too loud....anybody interested in doing it again?
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    Office meeting need 4... WWYD

    Sorry, Couldn't help myself, have an executive meeting in 1 hour, should be preparing but,,, sitting here in my office contemplating what to do as part of my Derby prep...... You are the bottom right where the CB is and you need 4... WWYD?
  3. calibration

    Derby Dnner

    As requested in a previous thread... How about we have a group dinner at the Smoke and Rye on Saturday night the 20th at 7:30 ? Who's in ?
  4. calibration

    Members only tournament at DCC

    What about we in some way try to have a single elimination members only tournament at DCC this year. Example,,, This concept is going to take a big commitment by all of us to work but i think it will be a great way for us to meet each other and make some new friends.. here is the concept.... 16...
  5. calibration

    A travesty....

    I'm out of town on business for a week and come home to this:
  6. calibration

    How do you become a verified member

    Like the header says.... How do you become a verified member?