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  1. Big Jim

    Bank Pool Finish DCC

    I finished 47th out of field of 447, went out in the 6 round. I did manage a 5 and out in my first set. My only claim to fame was a win over World number 1 Carlo Biadio 3-2, he had me stuck 2 to 0, and I got lucky and made a come back. He is 33 and I am 73. Justin Bergman eliminated me 3 to 1...
  2. Big Jim

    18th annual Derby city classic 9 ball banks

    I had a pretty good tournament, finished tied for 28th from a field of 501 players. I did manage to beat Rodney Morris by a score of 3 to 1, my last game was a break and run 5 and out. Failed to get by Alex the lion Pagulayon, he won 3 to 1. Met Fast Eddie from this board, also Steve Booth...
  3. Big Jim

    Truman's Bank Pool Tournament, Looavull

    1st. Saturday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 28 & 29 i believe it is. 64 players, no pro players allowed, Calcutta. tune up now. Bank Shot Billiards, Louisville, ky. pool room opens at 11am on Saturday, tourney begins around 0200 pm.:frus
  4. Big Jim

    looks like this forum is dying.

    Looks like this forum is dying.
  5. Big Jim

    Truman's Bank pool tourney Louisville, Feb. 22,23

    Thirty six bank pool players showed up to this event. Order of Finish: 1. Brian Roberts Champion 2 Big Jim Fulcher 3. David Najers 4. Sean 5. Hal White
  6. Big Jim

    use your ignore list.

    glad to see there is an ignore list on here, i added my first one to that list. :)
  7. Big Jim

    Bank Pool ring game DCC

    There were 6 players that paid their 1,000 bucks to enter the DCC ring game, Diamond billiard products added another 3,000 bucks. Total prize money 9 grand with 6 grand first place and 3 grand for second. John Morra, Brandon Shuffett, Justin Hall, Shannon Dalton, Skyler Woodward, Francisco...
  8. Big Jim

    Truman's Bank pool Tournament Louisville Jan. 4 & 5th.

    I played in it, played solid all day Saturday 11 am until 1130 got eliminated. I tied for 7th. I was so tired, i ran 5-6 banks the last match and forgot about the high run purse. 6 won it it as far as i know. order of finish, correct me if i'm wrong Dave. 1. Dave Likens/Brian Roberts Chopped...
  9. Big Jim

    One pocket player 94 years young........

    There is a gentleman one pocket player age 94 that suits up and shows up and plays one pocket regularly for the cheese at Jack's pool hall in New Albany, Indiana just across the river from Louisville. Chuck Walters is his name. He is from Louisville originally and used to run a pool room many...
  10. Big Jim

    Truman's bank pool tourney Louisville

    55 of the Area's best showed up for Truman's bank pool tourney this past weekend. Skyler W. Paducah, Ky. was invited. I ran him close to 500 bucks in the calcutta and pulled up when i realized the odds were less than 2-1. order of finish. 1st. Skyler Woodward 2nd. Clay Carmen board member here...
  11. Big Jim

    Guys is begging for one pocket action.

    The fellow that won the one pocket at Tunica, is all over facebook, begging and challenging all comers to come to Tennessee and play him for EXTRA LARGE.
  12. Big Jim

    Getting my Diamond table reworked.

    Glen H., the best pool table Mechanic in the US picked up my rails today from my 93 model Diamond professional pool table. When completed it will have the new upgraded arimuth rails with the new pocket openings like on the current smart table, and the pro-am table. It will have 4 1/2 inch...
  13. Big Jim

    Truman's Bank Pool tourney Louisville

    Truman's bank pool tournament this weekend Feb. 23 & 24th. Handicapped, short rack race to 21 or whatever your handicap is. They made it short rack to make it go faster. A bit harder to lay down the oil like Freddie says in short rack. Always a good calcutta, makes a pretty good purse over...
  14. Big Jim

    hybrid shaft versus standard shaft

    I've been playing with Jacoby cues the last year. I bought an ebony/ivory cue from Dave Jacoby this year at the DCC. I also purchased the hybrid low deflection shaft, it plays super good playing 8 ball or 9 ball. I think i will use the regular shaft when playing bank pool. I tried a predator...
  15. Big Jim

    Truman's race to 18 in Louisvlle

    I finished tied for 5th, from a field of 41 players, needed 1 ball and dogged it after 12 hours of playing. On a bright note, they had a high run pot, and i think i won it with 8 banks in a row. Oh well, had fun and played pretty good.
  16. Big Jim


    i payed my entry fee for the derby city classic banks division today. I also bought back in, no standing in line for me. Only game around town in late January. I have played in all previous dcc's. My highest finish was tied for top 17. Truman got lucky and banked in 13 in a row against me to...
  17. Big Jim


    I played in Truman's tourney today, but didn't fare too well. One of my best friends died last night of a heart attack. I think that threw my game off a bit, just couldn't concentrate or stay focused. But i bought a AA player in the calcutta and he is undefeated so far. Jim
  18. Big Jim

    who won the 9 ball? and banks? Michaels?

    Who won the 9 ball and banks at Michaels last week? in Cincy?
  19. Big Jim


    IN Truman Hogues race to 23 banks pool tournament i encountered 3-4 big time cry babies. Each time the guy missed a shot or left me a good shot he would bitch moan, cry, scream and holler and in general raise hell. I would have to stand and listen to all the b/s, then compose my self and get...
  20. Big Jim

    Truman's bank pool tourney race to 23.....

    So far i am undefeated today, 1st day of Truman's race to 23 bank pool tournament in Louisville, Ky. Finals tomorrow, will follow up with results. I think i'm in the money now.............Sure glad i bought Brumback's dvds !!