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  1. jrhendy

    Another Golf and Three Cushion Story

    That was the place Bill. I started going down there once and a while when I was still in high school in the 50’s. You could park and walk to three pool rooms. Romey‘s and one at 5th and Spring and another on Alvarado. There were plenty of old hustlers ready to beat a young snooker player for...
  2. jrhendy

    Another Golf and Three Cushion Story

    The room they played at used to be named Romee’s(sp) and was well known for three cushion for years before this match and it became primarily a Mexican pool room where they still played quite a bit of billiards. I used to go in there in the late 50’s early 60’s, and that was where Gus Copolous...
  3. jrhendy

    Another Golf and Three Cushion Story

    We were at the original Hard Times in Costa Mesa and Ronnie Allen talked Charlie The Ape into staking him against Mexican Barney playing golf at 4th & Main in Los Angeles. Now Ronnie was a good golf and snooker player on a tight 5 x 10. When he first came out here from Oklahoma, he hung around...
  4. jrhendy

    A Golf Story

    That room could be a little treacherous. I went in there quite a bit when I was young and before it became the room the good Mexican players hung out at. I was getting ready to play Veracruz a set of nine ball one time and went to the bathroom before we started, and when I came back they had...
  5. jrhendy

    Road Trip in October to Mississippi

    Doc and Mary K are pretty close to Bille. Sounds like a fun trip.
  6. jrhendy

    A Golf Story

    Back in the early 60’s, playing one of the Mexican players around LA eight ball on a bar table was probably like playing Efren one pocket today. They outmoved you 3 to 1, and don’t even think about playing them last pocket. We used to joke they would not let them come across the border unless...
  7. jrhendy

    A Golf Story

    I played my first game of golf around 1955 in a little room in Monterey Park, just outside Los Angeles, called Steve’s. Steve was an old guy from England and he and his wife ‘Mom’ had this little room with four 5 x 10 snooker tables and two 4 x 8 pool tables. I started hanging in there when I...
  8. jrhendy

    Bellflower Ca. circa 1971

    Could have been me Whitey, I was a good one handed player, not great and I was thinner then and Ray Booth was quite thin. I also used to play a thin guy named Ronnie who was the eye in the sky at a local poker club. Richard Cook (Buck tooth) was down there quite a bit in those days and he was a...
  9. jrhendy

    Bellflower Ca. circa 1971

    I loved to play Ray Booth. There was a lot of conversation and we played 9 ball, one pocket and three cushion. One pocket, one handed and two handed. He was out here from Florida and not a champion, but a good player. I heard his best game was on a bar table. I doubt there was $100 difference...
  10. jrhendy

    Bellflower Ca. circa 1971

    The table that ended up at Hard Times was the 6 x 12 ‘Big Bertha. When all the champions were playing pay ball on th 5 x 10 out front, many of the lo tier players were playing golf or liability snooker on Bertha. Jerry is right, you never knew who you would see there. Seems like every champion...
  11. jrhendy

    The Invisible Line

    I have told them BEFORE the shot if I thought it would be a foul. That usually keeps them from asking again.
  12. jrhendy


    Happy Birthday Doc. Hope things are going well in Dixie.
  13. jrhendy

    Rackem up Classic stream

    Lunda made short work of Josh, 3 zip. Josh was off his feed today. Maybe Lunda has made that jump to an elite player some people have been talking about.
  14. jrhendy

    Happy Birthday, oldschool

    Happy Birthday. You are just a little older school now.
  15. jrhendy

    Walking with giants, incardona

    Billy, you proved that deep down you still have it when you want/need it. Your session at Bogies a few years back against Baby Huey (Jerry Matchin) was a display of tenacity, skill and heart very few pool players have at all, let alone carry it into their 70’s. After losing the first two Sr. One...
  16. jrhendy

    Happy birthday, Rod!

    Happy Birthday Rod. Miss all you other old guys.
  17. jrhendy

    Happy birthday bob jewett

    Happy Birthday Bob, been a while.
  18. jrhendy

    Ronnie Allen Article

    When Ronnie passed, I asked San Jose Dick to write something I could put in Cue Sports Journal, a hard copy publication I was putting out in the 90’s. Here it is. I would like to share a few my experiences, of over fifty years, with someone who needs no introduction. Anyone whose ever been in...
  19. jrhendy

    Dennis/ Chip

    He was wiggling all over the place and playing pocket pool when Dennis was shooting and still as a statue with his arms crossed when Chip was up. Dennis still ran 5/6 balls with the guy going that. 10/8 is a huge spot to another good player on that tight equipment. You have to give Dennis...
  20. jrhendy

    Dennis/ Chip

    Someone standing in the corner sharking Dennis did not bother him. Too much traffic around the table for me.