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  1. unoperro

    WICS (is correct shot) with position.

    Shoot thru the red with follow . Yellow goes 3 rails to the white,red goes 5/6/7 rails to corner across from where it started.
  2. unoperro

    Any Stream Live or NOT

    I always try to wear collared shirts and nice pants for any trnmnt I play in. I agree 100% that players do a horrible job of representing our sport. Remember "pool" is a term referring to men behaving badly-hanging out in a betting parlor for pari mutual gambling. Remember that players have...
  3. unoperro

    Any Stream Live or NOT

    I dont buy streams so I am not going to tell them how to produce events. Now the reason I dont purchase streams should be of interest to those who are selling streams : Too many streaming problems. Would you pay to see a movie if the picture stalled-froze-refreshed/reloaded ?
  4. unoperro

    Any Stream Live or NOT

    Couple of things The BCA is all about manufacturers so since a table is a way bigger ticket item then cues those numbers are , or were , true. I would wager the players and their purchases now equate to a much larger portion of the market. This only makes sense because playing cues,shafts,jump...
  5. unoperro

    Happy birthday bob jewett

    Glad to wish 1 of the most positive posters on any pool forum a happy bday. Help us rubber crushers keep learning more about this stick and ball thing😉
  6. unoperro

    One Pocket/8 ball

    No they dont😉
  7. unoperro

    It takes birds to make bird dog😀

    So this last weekend I ran 2 of my dogs in a akc hunt test. I was worried about the females performance but sure the male would be fine. The female went first and may have gotten the highest score for the weekend. When the male ran the judge ,who was different from the female's, told me that is...
  8. unoperro

    John vs. Barry 10 - end game - wwyd?

    So did he thin the left side of the 1 and try and 2 rail whitey back to where it is?
  9. unoperro

    Deuel vs Owen -- WWYD 1

    If 1 of the balls from the corner gets shootable the 2 balls on spot makes for a free pass.
  10. unoperro

    New "Controlled Aggression" Shirts

    5'9 and 200 not sure I would like xl ? I like them loose , not binding in the shoulders.
  11. unoperro

    New "Controlled Aggression" Shirts

    Larry what is the fit like? I have a 1pkt shirt from ghost,my extra large fits like a medium.
  12. unoperro

    John vs. Barry 9 - wwyd?

    I think you can play that 4/1 combo cut the 4 a little to the right with center ball or 1/2 tip draw. Whitey goes up to middle diamond on opponents long rail . 1 goes two rail and moves it and the 10 towards your side.
  13. unoperro

    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    Good post babyhuey 🙂
  14. unoperro

    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    Perhaps 3 rail the 10 with draw. Whitey should slide across and turn right towards foot rail.
  15. unoperro

    Ghost vs. Steve 8 wwyd ?

    Looks like you had to be at the table to see that shot. The 15 cuts and cueball will billiard the 5 to the top side of the 11 before returning to billiard the 11 .
  16. unoperro

    A Simple 1 or 2 cushion 'Short Table' Kicking system.

    So the balls often aren't on the rails so do you go perpendicular to the rail to find their #'s ?
  17. unoperro

    Ghost vs. Steve 8 wwyd ?

    Thin the 8 and billiard the 13 over a couple inches to your side.try in leave whitey on the foot rail.
  18. unoperro

    WWYD Baby Huey

    Great video
  19. unoperro

    WWYD Baby Huey

    Play the 3 to dbl kiss in off the 8. 8 won't move much. Whitey goes off footrail and kicks 9 to your side
  20. unoperro

    A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

    When I was growing up there were no Canadian geese here. I just had to stop and let about 60 of them cross the highway. These were the only ones I could get good picture of.They are wild geese comfortable at this bait farm. No smart ass we don't all still live in log cabins😉