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    free money no kiddin.

    you guys do know almost everyone can apply for the pua funds along with unemployment even if self employed get like 600 feds. and 275 weekly or so unemployment state money. you dont have to have paid in. and its retroactive to march so you may get 5000. google pua your state. its real...
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    squirrel passed

    just saw on az the he died at 92. one of the greats i never got to know. but he made his mark on the pool world for sure.
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    bill stroud passed

    i knew billy not real well as a friend but had some dealings with him over the years. he was always a square shooter and never tried to get over anything on you. Bill kept his word and did the right thing. And for those that didnt know he was a top shooter and high stakes gambler in his prime...
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    it doesnt seem right for the members

    most days there are like 20 or less members online here and 800 plus lurkers. many threads only have a dozen or two of posts in them. the thread views go way up over time which means the lurkers are just using the forum to read the members posts and add nothing much here. its like posting one...
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    what do you think about what ben let dave do in the finals

    in the last game i think. ben played a safe and sent the cue ball up in the corner pocket so had to spot two balls. so he put them up. dave then proceeded to line them up and go around and check them from different angles and realign them. then ben let dave even tap one down with the butt of...
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    what happened to him. he was getting pretty old. he hung or owned the pool room in santa cruz ca. a real nice guy for sure and played very well. it was fast eddies that i used to see him there. that place was great not big money but could always get played by a cripple and leave with a few...
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    good and bad reputation of players

    many have traveled and knew a lot of the old time and new time players and gamblers. and we all have our opinions of them as individuals. that's normal. those opinions come from what we have seen or experienced and also from memories of happenings that may only include a small sample of...
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    memorable experiences you have had with a good player

    funny how some event sticks in your mind that shouldnt really be much to you. you got one post it. here is one from me. back in the 1960's down at the beach for a week i was beating all the locals who dropped in to the bar at an open air pool table. from a dollar a game to 20 i was raking it...
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    whats this discord forum

    is this some special forum the members have started just for themselves? if it is why should anyone post here for their benefit if they have a secret society. or am i missing something.
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    broke 2 hustlers in 2 shots and never made a ball

    Post removed till another replaces
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    why you miss shots

    of course there are lots of reasons. but here is something that accounts for almost all missed shots. your stroke isnt straight or consistent, period. to correct that you must do one drill. take a coke bottle or such, two pieces of chalk, space a little between two object balls, or whatever...
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    shooting the spot shot for the cash

    to suki, frank and the chest puffers here is how you figure out approximately what is the right shot. forget about shooting for the win. or playing safe because it is for a lot of money. it all comes down to which shot gives you the highest % chance of winning the game. so here goes-- john...
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    it aint no different nowadays

    one pocket isnt different for anyone but the very top players. years past most that tried to run balls sold out often unless they were top ball runners. it is the same today. if you are not a great ball runner you will be selling out to the good mover. new equipment and fast tables coupled...
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    so the wei is an 8 footer

    thanks skin for pointing that out. but i go by where the balls lay according to the diamonds and hope that translates to the same shot on a nine footer at least from our perspectives, as i think we all are using a nine foot table for the discussions. also, i base all my shots on the table being...
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    important post to reread

    yea it is the one in the sticky about respect. this site doesnt have a ton of participants and needs desperately all the good ones we can get and KEEP. it is all about one pocket with some fun thrown in. no one wants all the threads to be cannibalized into politics or trash talk. too many...
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    forum missing out

    as a one pocket forum we are missing out on not posting about when and where there are one pocket tournaments going on or about to go on. i see there is one happening right now in san francisco and i never saw anything anywhere about it until someone on az posted it was going on now. this is...
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    notable people that have been good for pool

    some are players --some are movie stars-- and some just promoters i will put a few down and you add some more players cue ball kelly w.mosconi s mizerack b. incardona g. mathews r. wanderone slim preston b stanton i. crane j. caras h. platus movie stars t. cruise j. gleason p...
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    fats and beenie

    fats was over the hill by the 60's and beenie by the late 70's as far as their top speed. so comparing them doesnt work. except that both in their prime were just a notch below whoever was best in their era. both had lots of class and were generous and extraordinarily great hustlers in their...
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    old rules

    these are the old rules i play by when i gamble. no jump shots and no masse shots. your cue cannot be elevated above your nipples. if playing nine ball or eight ball same cue you start the game with you finish with unless you have to change the shaft because of loss of tip. rotate breaks. puts a...
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    thumbsup for john henderson

    my great respect goes out to john for stepping up with no bullsh--t and being willing to play the partners games or play artie alone with no contingencies. also goes out to dennis for bravery for his stepping up but must pick a time to play. now artie has games lined up so lets roll.