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  1. cincy_kid

    Is This The New Forum Software?

    100% agree!
  2. cincy_kid

    Happy Birthday, Fast Eddie !

    Happy Birthday Fast Eddie!
  3. cincy_kid

    WWYD end game no shot

    If so, I am with you, good shot ~
  4. cincy_kid

    WWYD end game no shot

    It doesn't look like i can bank it 2 rails to my side and slide the CB over far enough to not sell out a straight back (icbw) I would shoot the 11 like I am banking it cross side, send the CB up table to my long rail, head rail and then back down table hopefully as close to the foot rail as I...
  5. cincy_kid

    Derby city

    Sorry to hear, I look forward to meeting you someday in person! That nasty flu stuff must be going around everywhere. Wife and I were sick as dogs around Christmas, had to cancel plans and everything. Dont know if its coming back or the same thing lingering but this week there are some sick...
  6. cincy_kid

    Derby city

    man, getting excited! one more day of work (tomorrow), then Saturday I get to play some with my buddy crabbcat and then Sunday its one hole at the derby! :D
  7. cincy_kid

    Happy Birthday Matt Hilton

    ahhh, good to know! Others should check theirs as well, lol! btw, great pic of you and Lizz!
  8. cincy_kid

    Rules Update Conversation

    I think regarding double hits / fouling the CB, its almost impossible to get something in place where it can be easily judged with or without a referee. So IMO, there needs to be something real simple, not sure exactly what it would be but something that would almost never penalize the shooter...
  9. cincy_kid

    Happy Birthday Matt Hilton

    Happy birthday bro! Hmm I thought last year his showed up on the site.. Matt let me know if u have your birthday in your settings ty!
  10. cincy_kid

    Derby city

    Someone give us a report tomorrow if you go for the banks on what the setup looks like, thanks!
  11. cincy_kid

    Events Calendar

    added! Looks like they have one hole mar 3-6, thanks for the heads up again!
  12. cincy_kid

    Derby city

    Ghost and John, hope you guys are feeling better and get well soon!
  13. cincy_kid

    So I actually got to play Efren three games of One Pocket yesterday!

    VERY COOL! Dang I am so jealous that is for sure a memory of a lifetime, glad you could experience it! A couple years back or whenever Efren was in Cali doing his amateur challenges (him giving up 10/7 race to 3 for 100 vs any non pro), I was like, come here!! I would have sure happily donated...
  14. cincy_kid

    2020 Members Only Tournament (MoT) - Room Nominations

    They do have 12 one hole tables plus some others, a couple billiard tables, a 10 foot table and I forget how many smaller tables maybe 10 or so...
  15. cincy_kid

    Events Calendar

    My birthday, good day! :) OK I will get it added Joe and also, I saw your submission on the Scotty Townsend 2019 tourney results, I will get that updated as well (probably tonight or tomorrow)
  16. cincy_kid

    Events Calendar

    added cole's carom room spring classic and a tourney this weekend at Felt in Wisconsin ~
  17. cincy_kid

    Official 2020 One Pocket Hall of Fame Nominations

    I saw this thread in the forums back from 2004 and wanted to share a blast from the past. Look at the names on this ballot that was voted on for HOF 16 years ago! Wow, what a list! :)
  18. cincy_kid

    2 balls on spot,aka as Sleeping in the park shot.

    I never shoot the shot (maybe I should) but its scares me so I just shot the standard safe from there, hitting through the head ball and rolling the CB down to the foot rail, both balls go to your side.
  19. cincy_kid

    Derby city

    Nice, see you there bro!
  20. cincy_kid

    Ghost vs. Ray 4 wwyd?

    My shot would also be to make the 11 and come 2 rails back to his pocket area