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  1. Dudley

    Shooting at my hole

    Here is a layout of a shot I took the other day and was curious what others might do. I took the shooting route and didn't make the ball (came out ok though) but I really didn't like any other shot that I thought of. (I have pocket A) Dudley...
  2. Dudley

    What would you do here?

    This is a scenario that comes up often. Your opponent just pocketed the 7 ball and left the cue ball in the jaws. What would you play? You have pocket A both need 1 to win. Dudley
  3. Dudley

    impossible cut shot Have you ever seen this before? I have tried to reproduce this shot and it sure looks impossible when you get down on the ball to aim. Dudley
  4. Dudley

    How playable is this bank?

    I have seen it go in at times and I was curious to hear others opinion on this shot. Keep in mind I have the 10 frozen to the side rail. When I practice this shot I have very inconsistent results. I know that if you stun the rock you get more spin transfer on the object ball but over the full...
  5. Dudley

    Adjusting to new tables

    I have been playing allot of one hole at my local pool hall these days and getting in cheap to moderate level action here and there. I feel pretty confident that what I try to execute will happen most of the time. However when I go to another room and match up I struggle to stay sharp and in...
  6. Dudley

    Shoot or Duck?

    This is a scenario that I have always fired at my hole. I was wondering if everyone else here would also do the same thing. Most of the tables I'm playing on these days are crazy tight (around 4 ") which has allot to do with why I would bring this up. If you did shoot at your pocket (A) how...
  7. Dudley

    Amazing shot

    I did my best to diagram a shot that I witnessed at California Billiard Club a few years back. Tony Chohan hit this shot to get out of a trap. I don't remember who his opponent was. Don't know if I could reccomend this as a good shot but I do know that he sure hit it good. SD <iframe...
  8. Dudley

    Moves with one ball on the table

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