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    T shirts

    A little while back somebody had shirts for sale that said something to the order of-One and Out-My game-Does any one remember who it was- I did a search but nothing came up-Thanks-
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    speed of play

    First I would like to say that I am old enough to play in this senior tournament and love games that involve moving more than shooting, but the time that it is taking to play this Matchin Incardona is completely crazy. It started before 1 oclock , and they are on the 5th game. Each player is...
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    Streaming yet?

    Has the streaming started yet? I just paid,but when I hit the launch list all I get is a blank page from I doing something wrong?
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    Ruling please

    While playing for a small amount($10), this came up today-My friend had 6 balls, and I owed 2. He leaves me a shot-I run 9 balls, and leave myself a shot on a spotted ball to win the game-He says because I owe 2 with none left that they both spot up at the same time thus not giving me a game...
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    Accu-Stats vhs tapes

    up for sale - 5 one pocket vhs tapes from Accu-Stats-Titles are - Joyner vs Sambajon- 2000 world one pocket championships Pagulayon vs Varner-2000 world one pocket Reyes vs Hoa-1999 Derby City Reyes vs Palmer-2004 Derby City Hall vs Medina-Deuel vs Parica-2001 Derby...
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    On Hill-Off Hill ?

    I am playing someone of equal ability-leading 7 to 6, and he hangs one in his pocket that I can not get out-the other ball is in a neutral position-do I make his ball and put him on the hill, or do I follow it in and come off the hill? I always heard never come off the hill, but also never put...
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    Carolina Open update

    After waiting for another day and dropping the entry fee to 100 the tournament got underway with a total of 12 players-I left early, but I saw Strickland beat Jeff Abernathy-Joyner beat a local-Cary Dunn beat Cadillac Ed-I think Sam Monday beat Dave Hunt from Richmond-could have got Joyner in...
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    Carolina Open

    Just left Fast Eddies for the Carolina Open-The one pocket was cancelled until tomorrow because there was only 10 people or so there-I always play as a filler, but they went to a $ 200 entry fee- I know of three people that played last year that are not here this time because of the...
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    Ruling Please

    After playing this game for only about six months, something came up yesterday that I had no answer for. My opponent shot his winning ball and it jawed but stayed very deep in the pocket. I had two easy shots and was then going to shoot his in and follow with the cue. Afer I shot my first ball...