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    Cues with character...

    In 2012 I purchased a JOSS cue off of ebay that had, and still has, an interesting provenance. I'm attaching some pictures, and here is the description from the seller: "As for the previous owner of this cue, he was a great pool player. He loved to play one pocket and I bet on his side many...
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    What cue?/Update from Africa

    Fellow One Pocket Players, I've been deployed to Africa for almost six months now and looking forward to coming home. Not only will it be great to be back, but I'm also retiring soon after returning after 20 years in the Air Force. I try to remind myself to be grateful for the limited...
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    Anyone heard of Donnie Simpson "Blood" from NC?

    I recently purchased an 80's era JOSS cue on ebay, and the cue came with an interesting letter about the previous owner. From the letter it sounds like this guy was an interesting person and I was just wondering if anyone had heard of him? I received my cue yesterday and some information about...
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    Bugs How is this for getting those last two balls?
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    Bill Stroud video If you haven't seen forum member Bill Stroud play lately....he can still cut the mustard.
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    Strawberry vs. Joyner If you haven't seen the great Strawberry play, here he is on YOUTUBE playing a young Cliff Joyner.
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    D.C. "BUCK" stories

    There is a pool player/gambler around the DC area named Buck. He has lived here all of his life and excelled in one pocket. He has also always matched up and gambled HIGH (in his hey day) and still plays/matches up quite often. He is one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet and I...
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    Any JIMMY REID stories?

    About 5 or 6 years ago I was fortunate to visit Jimmy Reid in Nashville while home visiting my father. I went over to his house and took several hours worth of lessons. That was the first and only time I've had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy. We didn't have to work on any basics or fundamentals...
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    Freddy, Billy I, Artie, Grady, SJD, John, Etc....

    I'm just curious what kind of cues/cue stats you champions prefer? Cue length: Shaft diameter: Weight: Wrap/No-wrap/Linen/Leather: What kind of cue did you play your BEST pool with?
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    A Boy Named Beard (with apologies to Shel Silverstein)

    My daddy left home when I was three And he didn't leave much to ma and me Just an old pool cue and that's what I call weird. Now, I don't blame him cause he run and hid But the meanest thing that he ever did Was before he left, he went and named me "Beard." Well, he must o' thought that...
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    Why do you love One Pocket?

    I've always been a very offensive player. When I first started playing One Pocket years ago....I could beat, ok..I could win games with my offensive ability but couldn't win the cheese "long-term". I had to learn defense and many of the standard one pocket moves/shots. I still love being an...
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    Shaft Millimeter

    What shaft millimeter/tip size do all of you jam up one pocket players prefer? I've used a 12.75 for years now but considering going smaller. I've seen a lot of great players using more along the lines of a 12.00 or smaller and they seem to play really good with a shaft that thin. Real good...
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    Do you have this problem?

    I seldom practice pool anymore. Trying to practice is so boring it is ridiculous. I tried on Sunday and it didn't last long. I just can't concentrate. I then tried to play some serious "fun" pool with another guy...and just couldn't concentrate...was bored to tears. I only like to play when I'm...
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    Well, I had a good holiday season - and I know that is due to some of the knowledge I've acquired here on I had a nice amount of time off from work over the Christmas break (two weeks) which gave me several days to get back in stroke and do a considerable amount of wagering. I...
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    The Break

    I have the most in-consistent break in one pocket. Any tips on improving? How do the good players break/improve their one pocket breaks?
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    Thought Process

    What is your one-pocket thought process when in a game of one-pocket? Freddy, Grady, Artie, Billy....I'd love to hear your responses. When I play one pocket I'm trying to analyze several things before making a shot selection on each inning. *Do I have an offensive shot. If I do have an...
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    Artie, Could you....

    Artie - Could you relay to us the story of Nick Varner coming through Chicago back in the day? I heard you staked him all around, and then finally played you....and you won...but he learned a lot. I'd like to hear your memories of that story. Thanks, Matt
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    I'm liking this One Pocket...

    The other night I was at the pool room, and a guy I know and have beaten in 9 ball asked me to play some One Pocket. He wanted to practice for $25 a game, and I said that sounded good but I needed a little weight because I don't know the game. He wouldn't give in, and I wanted to do something...
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    Grady Mathews Question

    If you haven't seen the Accu-stats match in which Grady plays Bill Incardona, you should really check it out. Great match! Grady, my favorite commentating duo has always been yourself and Cardone. You both are extremely knowledgeable, humorous, not afraid to argue a bit, and wolf a bit. It just...
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    i tried to pm you but you're full of messages. time to clean house.