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    Handicap Help

    Our group is comprised of primarily retirees. We play partners one pocket 2-3 times a week and no one would be considered better than a B+ player nor as low as C players. We choose partners by coin toss and play two games which allows each team a break. Wager per game is $5 so if partners win...
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    Accidentally moving balls

    I did a search first but didn't find a definite answer to my question. I apologize if it has been beaten to death previously. Question: Shooter executes legal safety shot but accidentally moves another ball approx one inch with cue. Cue ball travels two rails coming to rest behind moved ball...
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    Re:Fouls question

    Re:Fouls question Shooting player uses bridge and makes object ball. When picking up bridge he contacts and moves two balls. Opponent declares a foul and shooter spots pocketed ball. The question is whether he should spot the pocketed ball only or the pocketed ball plus additional ball for...
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    Winning One Pocket question

    Was given this book a couple days ago and it says it is the "second edition". This obviously means there must have been a first, so my question is how many additional editions have been published? Thanks.
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    One pocket origins?

    When did the game of one pocket begin? Were there one pocket specialists as compared to 14:1 devotees?
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    Re:Texas tush hogs

    Re:Texas tush hogs Today I was talking with a friend about the story of Vernon Litten and others around the pool scene in Texas. My friend had spent a good deal of time in Texas playing pool and knows Vernon well. He told me a funny story about Vernon playing pool with a college football...
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    Player info

    Anyone familiar with Danny Smith a young one pocket player originally from Ohio but has been living in Chattanooga, Tn for about a year? He attended the tournament in Atlanta at J. Archer and K. Davenports room a couple weeks ago to find some one pocket action and couldn't find anyone to play...
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    Vernon Elliott

    Just visited my buddy Vernon in the hospital and thought I would make those who know him aware of his condition which, thank goodness, doesn't appear life threatening. As many/most of you know Vernon suffered a stroke a few years back that paralyzed the left side of his body and put him in a...
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    HOF Dinner

    Any reports/pictures of the HOF Dinner on Tuesday?
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    Vernon Elliott

    Well, you have read all the stories and heard all the tales, but many of you have never seen Vernon Elliott. AZ Billiards has a picture of him on his arrival at the DCC and as usual he draws a crowd everywhere he goes. I'll have more stories to share with you about Vernon's playing days after...
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    Vernon Elliott vs Minnesota fats story

    While visiting with Vernon today he told me about playing Fats in Missouri (St Louis) and Tenn.(Memphis). Vernon and John Hagar were traveling together when Vernon got a game of OP with M. Fats for $300 a game. M. Fats was playing in a tournament and didn't know Vernon. They played even and...
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    Info on Vernon Elliott

    A couple days ago while visiting Vernon he told me one of his infinite stories and this time he told me about how he taught himself to play pool as a youngster in school. We all know about the misspent youth stories that most if not all of the champions of yesteryear have. Well, Vernon was no...