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    Happy Birthday Art, we seldom agree on shot selections, but I don't hate you for that, a matter of fact I love you, bro.😬 Have a greater than great day. Dr. Bill
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    Walking with giants, incardona

    Thanks to everyone for their recognition of what every over the hill champion wants to hear. Lol. You guys are a great bunch of people, and I appreciate all the nice things that were said. As I mentioned, it feels good to be relevant, even if only for the briefest. Dr. Bill
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    Top U.S. players 2020: Comments welcome

    I enjoy all your post, you seem to be well informed and your understanding of life, pool in general, and what it takes to succeed you bring forward as clearly as it can be described. You are an asset to the forum for many reasons. Great post. Dr. Bill
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    Happy birthday bob jewett

    Happy Birthday, Bob. Very much enjoy reading all your post, very informative, and educational. Have a great day Bob. Dr. Bill
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    Happy birthday, Rod!

    Happy Birthday old buddy, your uniqueness and wisdom are always appreciated. Have a great day. Bill Incardona
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    Donn vs. John 12 - end game situation - wwyd?

    I have played Nick many, many times and I respect his shot selections as much as anyone's and I'm positively sure he wouldn't bank the 7ball here. We would play $100 a game 8/7 after tournament play concluded I have played Nick a lot of one pocket and you are correct he would not bank the...
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    Ronnie Allen Article

    Thank you, John. I can't begin to tell you how many times and how many great experiences I had with Ronnie. The year was 1950 back in the day Ronnie came to Pittsburgh to play in a tournament at the Hawks Nest. The pool room that Bernie Schwartz owned. What a crazy time that turned out to be...
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    walking with Giants, Rempe

    Jimmy Rempe was a great player and champion. He never gave up and won many, many matches that a lot of players would have thrown the towel in, not Rempe. He played all games great, including one pocket, a game he rarely played but was a very efficient player when he played it. Articles like this...
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    Donn vs. John 12 - end game situation - wwyd?

    beatle, I'm sure you know, or at least I give you the credit of knowing that regardless of where the balls are positioned and what the caliber of players are, the odds can never be 7/1. If a player can run two balls and is capable of playing position, than the odds cannot be 7/1. I can't begin...
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    Donn vs. John 12 - end game situation - wwyd?

    I believe your odds are incorrect beatle. 7/1 is clearly too high. Between two fairly decent players, the odds to win a game with Player A needing all the balls are 4/1 at most. Now if you are playing ball for ball maybe the odds are 7/1 but it really rarely comes down to where player A wins the...
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    Donn vs. John 12 - end game situation - wwyd?

    I looked at this option and concluded that the degree of difficulty is too high and the shot Imo is too risky. The speed needed to control the cue ball to where you diagrammed it demands an accurate hit with the ob. If the hit sends the ob to the side rail, top rail, and then to your side rail...
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    Donn vs. John 12 - end game situation - wwyd?

    Can't argue with your choice other than it's a very demanding option, in terms of ball striking accuracy. Considering the degree of difficulty with any of the offensive options leads me to believe that playing consevatively with a safety very well could be the best solution to this frustrating...
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    Donn vs. John 12 - end game situation - wwyd?

    Bob, the angle doesn't match up with the speed needed to get the results you posted. Your cue ball is too fast to control it to the top rail while positioning the 14ball near your pocket. Imo. Dr. Bill
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    Donn vs. John 12 - end game situation - wwyd?

    Lol. Very entertaining and accurate. Dr. Bill
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    i need advice here

    Thank you Bob. That would be the desired result. Dr. Bill