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    Happy Birthday To The Barber

    Sorry I missed it Happy Birthday...with many more to come...always look forward to seeing you... B
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    Happy B'Day to Island Drive

    Happy Birthday...have a great day...
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    Happy Birthday John Henderson

    Missed this happy belated birthday
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    Ghost vs. Mike 4 - end game - wwyd?

    Too damn good for me...great wwyd
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    sometimes just for fun

    tonight I got a call to come to a bar, the owner said someone wanted to play some sets of 9 ball for 50...okay I went it was a young guy who plays pretty sporty...he lost the bar closed...he told me he wanted to play one pocket...okay come to my its 3 something in the morning and I...
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    Baby Huey's OP Shot!

    well that will get me at the table for a while
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    Happy Birthday To The Barber

    Happy Birthday to a great guy and pool player
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    Birthday! Bithday! Airport Jim!

    From one aviator to another...happy birthday
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    Member only tournament

    Pool Halls are it time to start to think about the tournament and schedule? Also the seniors even though I can't play in it... B
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    Chicago Artie/Bensingers/Speed Ck

    Bill Smith, Freddy, and SJD are each old school guys respectively...they all had/have egos about their knowledge of the game and tend to protect that with a gusto unfamiliar to some of us today...I have spent time with each one, and each and every one tried to impart a knowledge of the game to...
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    Brumback vs Piggy Banks

    Thanks doc but John makes them first try...I do after 2 or 3’s why he is a champion and I am still a solid d player.
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    Brumback vs Piggy Banks

    I still say that John delivers the speed of the shot with such consistency that he is tough to knows the speed that gives the best results for ball pocketing. Maybe one
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    What's everybody doing within or outside of the parameters of our lockdown?

    Sir you are always welcome in south mississippi...