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    DCC Layout for 2020

    I'm interested in hearing why you think the entry fees are out of reach for the average players? If it was $500 I could understand that, and those entries keep me from playing in most one pocket events. I know they raised the entries fees substantially this year to put it out of reach for the...
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    A cool WWYD

    It's your shot, you are bottom right pocket. I like shooting different shots, and I like the look of the 5 ball up and down/because of the draw on the shot you get under the 15. What do ya think?
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    Carpool to Red Shoes?

    Anyone want to go to the Red Shoe 1 hole tourney this weekend? If you are near Indy I'll come pick you up, or if you are coming through you can park at my house and we can take one car. Great spot, lots of fun.
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    Same players not as fun?

    Are you at a point where you are tired of seeing the same 4 names (with very little change) dominate every one pocket tournament? If you are, is there a solution? If not, what do you enjoy? Thanks.
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    Shirts for Scotty's tournament??

    Anyone out there feeling kind enough to get me a shirt (if they even have them this year) from Scotty's tournament? In return, I will buy you one also. Thanks much.
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    A blown opportunity

    This is not one hole related, HOWEVER, being as there are so many gamblers on here, I thought you all would appreciate this. There was no one hole action. There was a BNR at $600 a ball, and the results will make you semi ill. Think of...
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    A shot from recent tournament

    I posted this video on my YouTube channel, and one shot in particular was rather cold. Watch through 9:30 There are some people who will probably say that he put high left on it so there was a scratch there. However, you just have to know...
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    One pocket tournament Shirts for sale

    I have placed the order for the shirts covering the Sept Memorial tournament. If you would like a shirt, they are $20 for sizes L-XL $22 for 2XL $23 for XXXL Very limited quantities of 2X and 3X.
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    Anyone have contact email info for...

    Posted this on AZ, figured I'd post it here also since it is for a one pocket tournament. Thanks. Hello, I'm trying to promote this Memorial tournament, and I don't have a mailing list. Someone was nice enough to suggest a few rooms for this upcoming one pocket tournament, and I would like...
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    Looking for terms for a shirt

    We're having a one pocket tournament, and I want to make a different type of shirt. Looking for terms or something different to put on a shirt. Hit Pick Move etc. Even exploring putting nicknames of people on the shirt. It's a memorial tournament.
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    1Pkt Tourney Sept 27 Indianapolis

    Don Larue Memorial One pocket tournament. In honor of Don and the game he loved. Sept 27th $50 entry $20 greens fee Race to 2 winners and losers side Played on 4 GC and 2 Diamond tables (all recovered in July 2015) Some of the best equipment in the Country to play on Calcutta starts at 11, play...
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    Showed DS my side rail break

    Was playing last night and I asked Danny why he didn't side rail break with his game. He mentioned that he hadn't messed with it before. I racked them up and showed it to him, he hit it a few times and said he will work on it over the course of 100 breaks. He wont pull it out for the big...
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    May be inaccurate information, but someone down here said Ike opened up a room. My first choice will always be Red Shoes, but after getting my brains beat in there, I would like to help support pool if I can. Any ideas if that's true?
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    Thanks to John and Red Shoes

    Gr8 tournament 26 ppl Ike, Pratico, Piggy, Hunter, Sergio, Tom K, a few others. Thanks to John as always for running a great tourney, and having IMHO the best room around. Thanks also to the 2 people I met, and for Johns world famous $5 slutty joes
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    One small gripe about DCC

    I enjoyed the match I played, however, I'd like to add my one gripe. Practice time from 9am to 10am for people in the one pocket tournament. Many of the tables were taken up by non one pocket players (by their own admission) who didn't want to move. Other tables were people gambling or just...