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    Houston, Tx.

    I will be moving to the Houston area in the next couple of weeks. How is the 1P scene out there. I haven't played for the last 2 years, before I quit playing, I was starting to get into one pocket. I think that 1P is the game that suits me best. I am hoping for a strong one pocket scene in...
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    Legal One Pocket Break

    I have a question about the break. What is the criteria for a legal one pocket break? How many balls have to hit a rail and does the cue ball have to hit a rail as well? I have heard different answers from different players. I have seen some players go rail first on the break and bury the cue...
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    One Pocket Spots

    I am fairly new to One Pocket. I have heard of people matching up several different ways. One thing I never understood is how people make games using more balls than in the rack. For example how do you make a game 10-8? Do you just re rack the balls and break again or just spot necessary balls...
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    Practicing One Pocket

    I am learning to play one pocket, the lessons are starting to get expensive at $10 a game, seeing how I don't beat anyone right now. I have a question for some of you one hole veterans. How do you practice one pocket? I practice my banks every day and safeties, but I really need to learn how to...