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    I'm way late with this... Happy Birthday Doc. Next year too, I'm early on that one.
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    Happy Birthday To The Barber

    Happy Birthday Frank 💈
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    Happy Birthday John Henderson

    🔊 Happy Birthday John.🥁
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    bill stroud passed

    I think this was taken in 1972.
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    Read this book...

    I read a book called 'Flu' by a drink called Gina Kolata a few years ago. She delved into the origins and the virus that caused the flu pandemic of 1918. A very good and timely read.
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    Signup for Member's Tournament Chicago

    Might help get the final 5 signed up.
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    Johnny "Irish" Lineen

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    Johnny "Irish" Lineen

    This is from the same group photo as the one I posted above of ole Irish Linen. Johnny Vives is 5th from the left, next to Danny Jones. They are from left: Eddie Taylor, Earl Schriver, Marshall Carpenter, Danny Jones, Johnny Vives, Jimmy Moore and Larry Johnson. Edit ~~ (The guy in the back is...
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    Johnny "Irish" Lineen

    Here's a small picture of him with Hubert Cokes and Coke's bodyguard at Johnston City in 1961.
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    Xenforo Test Forums for

    The hamburgers are to the left of the chips rack, right behind the stacks of pool balls, ready for the inevitable assault by Wimpy.
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    Xenforo Test Forums for

    Don't mess with #10.
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    Member's Tournament Flyer

    Thanks to cincy_kid for all the help and Bill Meyers for agreeing to stream it.
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    Rogue Santa.
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    Great Shot By Naked White Chick

    <embed src="" width="640" height="500" allowFullScreen="true" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"/><br/> <a href="">[More videos from LoadedDice]</a>
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    Hopkins / Rodriquez 10 ball live