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    Ghost vs. Pat 22 - wwyd?

    I like stiffing the 10 into the bottom of the 8...looking to move some furniture to myside. I'd use low inside on the cueball to drift it down under the 2, and to help stiffen the rebound of the 10.
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    Passin time.

    That looks like Durbin
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    Old friends

    Old friends It's a little hard to describe, but I'll try. Two balls are frozen to each other with one frozen to the foot rail. They are angled at roughly 45 degrees where the free OB doesn't go straight into your hole. The cue ball is a little more than a ball space from the that the...
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    Attn: Dr Bill & Freddy the Beard

    14.1 Psych Question … In Sunny's thread about psyching out an opponent I explained I can be prone to being sucked into my opponents' negative energy. Rodney put up some great feedback that I've linked above, and I would like to read more...