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    Poolplayers from my past .

    Guys i'm always curious on what happen to a few poolplayers from years ago if they still play or if there dead or alive . Just maybe someone knows these old players ? Cary Zimmerman & Dave Webb & Mike Gambone - shoes All from Chicago Eddie Matthews - Wisconsin - Maybe...
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    The key to one pocket !

    I've read a lot about one pocket and how some posters want to learn the game better , but I never read about getting out of the break and what player is the best at getting out of the break !! I think its the most important point of the game and if you shoot the right shot everytime your...
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    Does anybody remember Butch Dennis ?

    I assume every city has had a player who could have been a champion but for various reasons it never happened . We in Chicago had a player who I thought was on his way to that elite status of top nine ball players which in Chicago was very rare . I met Butch the very first night out returning...
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    John The Greek passes away

    John the Greek one of the alltime steer men in Chicago has passed away from Cancer . John knew all the good bar spots and take a good player too and normally would wait in the car so he didn't knock the action . He could be freezing in the car just waiting for his end ! He gave his life to...
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    Dick McMorran

    Dick i read your other post and noticed a name from my past playing days Chuck Bailey and I'm curious if its the same guy that was around Chicago about 1972 0r 73 . The guy I'm talking about was about 6 ft 2 or 3 and had a normal built no fat and played pretty good bar 9 ball ! I played him on a...
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    The Greatest Trickshot Ever !

    I just seen the greatest trick shot ever created 40 balls in one shot ! its absolutely amazing how this man named JEFF GATES has created this shot it looks totally impossible to make all 40 balls go into 6 pockets ! it has to be seen to believed . this shot should be on ESPN or some pool...
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    great hall of fame dinner !

    congratulations to all the champions who made the hall of fame . steve booth deseves a lot of credit for efforts on making the hall of fame dinner a night to remember . grady and freddy were at there best with great pool stories . the inductee's like squirell and truman were hilarious with there...
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    question for steve

    steve would you explain why you changed the rules for voting or am I wrong about the rules ? since a lot of people did'nt know about this site till they were informed about the voting for there favorite one pocket player they naturally just joined and i was informed they could'nt vote because...
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    hall of fame nominee's

    steve , how do players get nominated to the hall of fame ? I see its coming in november . phil guagliardo
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    all time pool lovers

    I suppose every city has one of these guys ! most players like to call them sweaters , but I prefer pool lovers . in chicago there is only one guy that gets that title . and his name is jerry hubbart ! he is also known as kojak . I met jerry 40 years ago in the neighborhood poolroom I played at...
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    the game has changed ( nine ball )

    first of all one pocket is the game period ! but lets talk about todays nine ball . when nine ball was invented it was a great game of shooters showing their talent making hard shots and putting pressure on your opponent rolling difficult shots out for him to make a decision whether to shoot or...
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    chicago one pocket and hall of fame candidates

    this is for some of you that dont know about chicago in the eighties . there were two players that kept players ducking chicago . bugs and artie ! these two guys could play one pocket too the limit . bugs could run out from anywhere at anytime . artie squeezed you till you could'nt stand it...