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    Mitch outed again lol

    Yup -- I had fun surprising crabcat with this. To this day I have no idea how or when somebody from DCC took a photo of this poster lol, but it is cool to see it show up. I recently hung another copy of this poster on the wall in my home room, that I must have bought and got a few people to sign...
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    OK, anyone seen this one!

    No, jumping is allowed, but it has to be 100% with your playing cue. So this one definitely OK by the rules. Great shot Dennis!!!
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    My New OP-Org Polo Shirts

    That blue shirt with the logo really pops!! Tough to sneak around in though lol.
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    Cushions brand

    Yes, my regular club has two GC5 tables with 860 HR and Klematch cushions. They are the truest banking tables I have ever played on, by far. While that sounds like a 100% wonderful thing, in reality it is not, because it means when you want to shorten up a bank, or get it to reverse on the...
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    1994 1P Ghost v Jack Cooney

    Thanks for pulling this one up mr3cushion! Greg was a real good guy -- a very helpful member here by the User Name of Calired. I am not sure if he is even living anymore -- I've lost complete touch with him. I believe he had some kind of progressive medical condition but I have no idea what. He...
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    XF 2.2.2

    Thank you Chris -- you are the man!!
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    Tom Wirth sharing the commentary with JJ today. The score is 9-8 Corey in games, with the current game up in the air (and heading up table a bit).
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    Spotting Ball Rule!

    In general , I am also in favor of having One Pocket rules to the extent possible, follow standard rules of pool that are well established for other games already. To me it makes the rules simpler to follow and reduces confusion and disagreement. Ultimately, reducing disagreement -- along with...
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    great shot

    One example of videos doing trickshot exhibition:
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    great shot

    You are probably looking for Semih Sayginer
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    Definitely Massey.
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    You Need 2

    Thank you, nice shot!
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    You Need 2

    Beautiful action on the cue ball with that curve!!
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    Recurring shot scenario

    Nice one, thank you. I didn't see it in your first diagram because you need to bounce the 3 off the bottom rail -- much easier to see in your second diagram when you can go straight in to it. Thanks again!
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    Welcome to! This guy here can definitely play ---v