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    Tim Scruggs Sneaky Pete 100% MINT! Ivory Ferrule Moori Med Tip!!!

    Hey guys. I have a tim scruggs sneaky pete with a moori med tip and an ivory ferrule. Cue is 100%. No cracks, dings, anything, it rolls straight, cue weighs about 19oz. Looking to get $700/shipped. If thats too high then email me some offers at Here are some pics sorry on the...
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    One Pocket League

    Ok Guys and Girls The One Pocket is beginning this Sunday March 26th 2006 at 1:00PM We had to change the days from sat to sun. We changed it from a league to a HANDICAPPED TOURNAMENT! Every one will be starting out as an 8 (which is average) the handicaps go from 6 to 10. People that we know...
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    Northern VA!! One Pocket Handicapped League

    A one pocket league will be starting march 4th 2006 at gators billiards and cafe in woodbridge va. League will start around 2pm you can play for free from 12pm. League will be $25 week. 1st session will be a 10 week league to gauge interest we already have 14 people signed up looking to get...
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    Cue Lathe for Sale

    All, I am getting rid of my lathe and cue making/repairing supplies decided I like to play more than make and repair cues!! It was fun for the 2yrs I did it but dont have the time to play and build/repair cues. Ok so with that out of the way here is a list I have. 1 Cue Smith Mid-size lathe...
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    Fury cue stick for sale

    Hey all I got a fury DL9 for sale its brand new never played with it. It weight 21 oz. check out for pics. It doesnt look half bad I won it in a raffle today. I figure best offer plus 13 for shipping unless you live close and we can meet up somewhere! Just Pm if you interested
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    Jump Shot

    Hey everyone, Got a quick question is a jump shot legal in one pocket?? I say no and so do a couple other people I play with but with play with a guy that insist they are legal shots and it just gets to be a hassle to play cause he jumps the freakin balls all the time!!! We just get tired of...