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    Old Friends from New Orleans

    I had the good fortune to sweat that matchup and that Eddie is a funny guy! And a good shooter to boot.
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    walking with Giants, Rempe

    Hey Doc. Your comment brought to mind someone who genuinely impressed me with his ability to literally laugh off a miss, and someone I learned from immediately (or tried to). Our own Robert Newkirk. Thanks Keith for these posts and to all who added something. Really appreciate you. Mitch
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    The Ghost's One Pocket kicking game

    This is great, Luke! I would play this for the cash for sure. Sounds like a blast.
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    Lucky 13

    Well done Dave as usual, except for that 9 ball 🤷‍♂️. I think you just wanted to get upstairs for a piece of tush.
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    John vs. Barry 10 - end game - wwyd?

    You guys ever see that Tom Wirth bank? Tough to cue but you could potentially bank the 10 ONE rail and take the cue in a z formation off his side, your side, and behind the 11 for the cheese 🧀. 🤷
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    Mitch “The Beast”

    Hahah. I never should have let up on you that first set. It is a lesson I will never forget, especially since you keep reminding me 😂😂. I bow to your experience and skill, John. And you have the best road stories! I hope you do take a trip out here even if just for the...
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    Mitch “The Beast”

    Hahahha. Ok Bill ya got me!!! I am now out of retirement! Not quite full steam but (new job in the way) but I played about 3 hours (total) in the past 2 weeks. After the break I found myself enjoying the game again. My speed is way off so I figure starting even again is the...
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    Covid 19 one hole

    Cool idea Chris. Amazing idea Dan. As for me, it’s true. Still working 12-14 hour days and still feel burned out. Though I stopped and hit balls for 10 minutes yesterday for the second time since March. It felt bizarre and my left shoulder was killing me. I think I have a partial...
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    The Best of Lockdown 2020 - One Pocket Ghost 15 ball Run

    We know that you really did it in 15.3 tries! No need to move a decimal point just to get action. Lol. Kidding aside, really well done, Dave. You are still my stroke hero lol.
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    Donn vs. Rich 3 wwyd?

    Hey Bill. Thanks for asking. Retired from action and pool for now. Combination of Burnout, a new job which has me working 12 hour days, some parent related illness, and now the world in general just have re-aligned my mind and priorities for the moment. It’s all cyclical so I’m sure...
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    Happy Birthday, Larry

    Hope you had a great one, Brother Larry!! Happy Birthday! 🎊🎁🎉. I gave you your present when we were in Philly together. I’m sure it’s up on a wall somewhere!! It’s rare that I give those out 😂. Enjoy!!!!!
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    Hope you had a good one, Donn! Look forward to seeing you again sometime.
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    Donn vs. Rich 3 wwyd?

    Thanks Luke. I will try to take a look if it’s not too late. Thank you.
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    Donn vs. Rich 3 wwyd?

    Thanks Billy. Back at you. Sorry to disappoint, Ghostie, but I would bank the 8 and lay uptable in his corner so that even if I miss he needs to deal with it rather than cut that ball in by his hole. I haven’t read the replies so not sure what anyone chose. The old me would have...
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    Wwyd Hill Hill Filler/Chohan

    Damn Doc! You've still got it!!!!! And the cookie lol. Great call. It was a very precise shot but naturally filler hit it perfectly. The balls ended up here and tony sold out on his next shot.