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    The Ghost's children's mask t-shirt

    Um, Bill.. Did uh, John Wayne Gacy do a few of those masks? Just asking... I'm just kidding... The masks and shirts look super cool... nice...
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    WICS (is correct shot) with position.

    Oh yes. I like that one.. That has to be it...
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    WICS (is correct shot) with position.

    Good diagrams, Larry. I think I'll go six rails, to maintain my position....Piece of cake
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    Damn... Already??!! .... Coming quicker and quicker.. Have a good one, kiddo....
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    Happy birthday, Rod!

    The Mistress Of The Night Says Happy Birthday To Rod...
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    Donn vs. John 12 - end game situation - wwyd?

    I was hanging at Myrtle Beach on the pier out at the deepest section one time. Not the pier nearest The Pavilion but the one down closest to the old roller coaster. A kid snagged a large hammerhead and became hell bent on bringing it in. I was broke with nothing to do, so I stayed there with...
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    Chris/Cincy - possible issue with s/w?

    I started to tell you do try that the other day, but I didn't think you wanted to. I think it's best to have a couple of extras for different things. I have the Windows 10 Microsoft Edge for a few things..A lot of people don't like it, but it seems fair to me... I have Chrome for watching Big...
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    Donn vs. Pete 2 wwyd?

    I think I like kicking one rail with some right..
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    Chip v. Dennis tonight on Facebook

    They said Dennis wants to switch tables (duh) and a bag of cash is being shipped for a larger bet...
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    Dennis/ Chip

    Somebody at az said Chip won 7-3, Doc......
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    Efren Reyes VS Grady Mathews

    Yes, I think he won some speed eating bets. I thought his book was underrated too. Maybe because it contained a small amount of adult content. I read it twice. I checked Amazon. They wanting 200 for it... If you didn't ever get it, let me know. I'll ship.. I remember Pelican, too...
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    Deuel vs Owen -- WWYD 2

    Fire in the hole... I love it.. Don't knock the paint off the ball...
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    Deuel vs Owen -- WWYD 1

    Only fair to mention that he owes a ball, which has to be spotted after his turn...
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    bridge hand distance

    Yeah, Mr 3 Bill hasn't been on the site in over a week.. I know he had health issues. Hope he's ok....