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    Tuscaloosa Squirrel

    Back in the late '70s, eary '80s, I was young and dumb with no responsibilities to keep me from going on the road with a pool player named Geese. We went down South and encountered quite a few characters along the way. Geese had a "steer" from Georgia who took him around to different action...
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    REWARD + GoFundMe Acct. to catch Mike Surber's murderer

    I also spoke to Mike's brother recently, and I emailed him today. Somebody shared a link of a man in Georgia found with an anchor tied to him in the bottom of a lake. And it sure did look like this perp. Source...
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    One Pocket HOF voting discussion -- post comments here, not in the voting thread

    I voted for Alex and Bustie, as they're both strong one-pocket players. What concerns me a little is that younger forum members may have no idea of the strength of the older players or those who have passed away. Everybody loves Alex and Bustamante, as do I, because we've seen them up close...
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    Doc, look at this photo for Mike Surber murder suspect

    Somebody on AzBilliards shared this photo of a suspect who murdered Mike Surber. He sure does look like him. Interestingly, he goes by the name "Jeff Cooper." Didn't this guy call himself "Jeremiah Cooper"? Wow! This cannot be a coincidence.
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    Metro DC Area--One Pocket Tournament, Saturday, 11/17, $100 entry fee

    For those in D.C. area, Larry puts on a heck of a great tournament, and the equipment at QuBall 1 Billiards is topknotch. It's probably the best pool room in the entire area as far as being a real players pool room. Here is the website: Opens up at 9:30 a.m...
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    Give Billy Some Prayers

    Billy Incardona posted some sad news last night on FB. My heart goes out to him. Please send prayers his way. His son passed. He could probably use some love and support from his friends right now.
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    "Stormin' Norman" Wines Passes Away

    I don't know the circumstances of his passing, but he was a gentle soul to all who knew him. Hell of a barbox player. He won the Super Billiards Expo a couple years in a row. Broke like a cannon. A GoFundMe account has been set up to raise funds for his cremation...
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    Little Al Romero One-Hole Tourney at Hard Times, CA 10/14-15

    Read all about it! :cool: Love the shirt he's wearing. :D
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    One-Pocket Tournament at QuBall1 Billiards in Capitol Heights, MD on 8/19

    There was a local one-pocket tournament in Capitol Heights, MD at Quball1 Billiards on 8/19/2017. Larry Quball Steele​ is the TD, and he put on a first-class event. The players all remarked how the equipment was in pristine condition and topnotch. Tight pockets! This was a $100 entry fee...
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    Efren Reyes' Game of Choice!

    Reyes said the game is different now. He currently plays one-pocket, not his signature 9-ball event, because the former is where the money is now. Interesting that San Miguel Beer is a sponsor. :D Read more here -->...
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    Interesting Observation

    Since Facebook has hit the Internet, some pool peeps have migrated over there to get their pool fix and news. I was one of the last to join Facebook, but I finally gave in. :o I have noticed over the past year or two, the participation rate in AzBilliards and Onepocket's forum has changed. It...
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    The Cold Case of Biloxi Mike Surber's Murder

    Mike Surber's murder has become a cold case since November of 2009 . It is believed that Mike was killed with a knife, if my reading of the news articles since that time is correct. Mike Surber was well loved by his family and friends. He worked in the casinios most of his entire life and was...
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    The Attention Gambler

    Have you ever run into someone who wants to bet it high as the Georgia Pine but has no shot to win? Even so, they keep pushing to play. Is it that in their own mind, they believe they can win, or is it that they desire to put on a show in front of a crowd and get attention? This is a dream...
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    Warren, MI Hall of Fame Pool Room 1-hole Tournament 3/13, 3/14, and 3/15

    There's going to be a pool tournament at Hall of Fame Billiards as kind of a welcome-back pool party at the Hall of Fame Billiards in Warren, Michigan. Friday, March 13th, through Sunday, March 15th are the dates. There will be a mini tournament. There will also be a 1-pocket and 9-ball...
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    One-Pocket Hustler on CSI Las Vegas

    I usually go to sleep too early to stay up for my favorite TV shows, so I tape them. Last night, I was trying to watch my taped CSI Las Vegas TV show entitled "Dead Rails." It was all about pool. I couldn't believe it. What's more, the pool hustler named Jimmy, played by Christopher Atkins...