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    Happy birthday Big Foot aka Island Drive

    Happy Birthday Big Bill!
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    Deuel vs Owen -- WWYD 3

    I like playing a 2 rail kick. Kicking he 6 towards my hole leaving the cue ball behind the other balls protecting the ball by my hole.
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    Don Lim, and Jimmy Duval RIP

    I knew them both. I knew Salt had passed away, but I didn't know Don had as well. Don was a fun guy and always had a lot of stories.
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    Stardust results

    Evelyn was a great lady.
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    Best player with a 30 second shot clock? and then

    Ronnie Allen always complained that most one pocket players played too slow. I once saw him beat a decent player in a tournament 2 -0 in less than 5 minutes. Of course he ran 8 and out each time.
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    What's everybody doing within or outside of the parameters of our lockdown?

    Watching one pocket videos. I really like Tom Wirth's videos. What he shows can be applied to lots of other shots also.
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    bill stroud passed

    Bill would always give free advice and knowledge on pool. Especially on one pocket. He had a lot of stories of his road trips. Just like Ronnie.
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    Dr. Duc Vuong Breaks Down COVID-19 - How It Kills You

    Hi John, I'm committed to work at home for the next 4 weeks. With the stimulus package coming, I think that and your new horse handicapping system we should be in great financial shape. I'll send you my email. Let me know your PayPal address so we can get this rolling.
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    bill stroud passed

    Bill was a great player, cue maker and long time friend. He made me my first custom cue in 1975. Since then, I have owned at least a dozen Joss West cues. He was always innovative and came up with some very interesting and novel cue designs. I believe he was the first cue maker to use CNC...
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    Ghost vs. Tony 4 wwyd

    It's not the years, but the miles.
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    Ghost vs. Tony 4 wwyd

    Shoot the 12 ball and drift the cue on the rail behind the 8 ball. Make the 8, bank the 1. 15 and 10 ball can now be made.
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    Covid-19 and

    Just saw on the news this morning about the Corona virus. Apparently, those with the virus tend to get "red" eyes. Something like conjunctivitis. This symptom may be a good detection. I don't know however what stage this occurs at
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    What are folks ...

    Bottle idea sounds good. Especially since we have to empty the bottle first.
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    Covid-19 and

    I heard from two friends of mine in Las Vegas. Griff's will be shutting down today at 11:00 am. Not sure when they will reopen. Several casinos/restaurants in Las Vegas will also shut down.
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    Coronavirus and old geezers (like me and you)......

    John, CA Billiards closed last night. Will open in April. No pool rooms open. I guess we're going to have to go to the race track. Unless they closed those also.