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    Ronnie Allen Article

    I knew Ronnie quite well in his later years and he tried to teach me one pocket and would occasionally go in with me when I got in action. I drove him nuts the way I played my shot selection was never right. One time I am giving a guy 9/7 for maybe $100 a game and Ronnie couldn't stand it. He...
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    Filler/ Chohan May 12-13th

    I also won betting on Filler.
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    LIVE -Bustamante vs Pagulayan One Pocket Race to 24 April 21-23RD 2020

    We are in action thanks make it fun to watch
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    Alex and Justin and my 2 cents worth

    I love these events as it is real pool you get to watch the momentum move back and forth and at some point you will see great pool. I bet on Alex in this match because he is the best ball pocket-er and has the best cue ball control of any pool player alive today. In the end that is a winning...
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    Pictures from Tournament

    Hello everyone had a great time at the .org tournament. Now I looked at the pictures a few days ago and now I can't find them except for a few. I hit the see all the pictures from this event and get the same few pictures. And I wanted to download a couple of them and it would not let me. So I...