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    Tapatalk Plugin has been updated on

    For any of you that use the Tapatalk software to view forums such as this one or AZB, I have updated the plugin that interfaces this site with the software app on your phone. This software is the absolute nuts for reading forums on your phone. I love reading the forums when you have nothing...
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    My apologies for any member that received a duplicate email from here

    Due to a new Email system function, a few members were inadvertently sent a duplicate email regarding the Hall of Fame voting. I apologize for the inconvenience and I have the issue fixed. Thanks for understanding Steve and Greg
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    There may be a delay in sending PM's today

    Due to us sending out a reminder email to vote for the Hall of Fame, a special mod was needed to accompany this process. Unfortuantly it also prevents PM's from being sent right away. There is little documentation on this mod, so I'm not sure of it's exact impact. But I would refrain from...
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    Website Move - Please post any issues here please

    I believe I have everything moved over. I lost 3 hours due to me missing a underscore _ in a line of code. I had looked it over about 20 times and kept missing it. That resulted in me spending a good 3 hours of pulling my hair out and doing countless backups and restores and digging thru...
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    Forums will be closing at 12:30 central

    You may be able to browse them, just not post anything or send anything. I plan on them being down for several hours. The biggest issue is going to be when I change the Domain Name Servers, which resolve where you are sent when you go to It normally takes 24-48 hours to fully...
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    I believe I have fixed the issue with the login AND the issue with images

    I believe that the issue with you logging in, but then it not seeming to "stick" is fixed. I also believe that I have fixed the issue that many of us have had with not being able to see all images, especially (mostly) in the Members forum. For those of you that had these types of issues...
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    Important - Forum has had a major update applied to it

    You mean the Members here? EDIT: Oh.. sorry you beat me to it:)