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    Happy Birthday DOC
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    Happy Birthday, oldschool

    Happy Birthday OLD SCHOOL
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    Happy birthday, Rod!

    Happy Happy Birthday Rod
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    Happy birthday Big Foot aka Island Drive

    Happy Happy Birthday Bill.
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    Birthday....Birthday....1 HOLE NUT

    Happy happy birthday Jason
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    Mary Kenniston inducted in to billiards hall of fame

    Congats my friend, well deserved. Enjoy your accomplishments . I'm buying you 2 hotdogs with everything on it. So happy for you. TakeCare FastEddieF.
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    Happy B'Day to Island Drive

    Happy Birthday Bill
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    The 15 ball "Walrus" Run in it's Entirety

    I'm taking you on the road again. I'm buying you 2 dozen hotdogs.You deserve it. great shooting.
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    I Am the Walrus WWYD, trying to run all 15 balls

    billiard the 11 off the higher stripe ball on left side of table.stick cue ball right there
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    Hey brother Steve!, you make sure and have yourself a...

    Happy Birthday young man.All good rolls today.
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    Johnston city 1970

    Dwight Leisure not Blevins
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    Johnston city 1970

    Great Story Ross, I met a guy you hung out with in Atlantic, his name is Dwight. Blevins. He told me you him and David Howard hung out together. He lives in Baltimore Md. TakeCare FastEddieF.
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    Happy Birthday John Henderson

    Happy Birthday John, I'll eat 2 hotdogs for lunch today to celebrate your birthday. FastEddieF.
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    Ghost vs. Mike 4 - end game - wwyd?

    1 tip of right English.
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    Ghost vs. Mike 4 - end game - wwyd?

    Bank the 15 ball cross corner center cue ball cue goes 4 rails and lands on left side rail.