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    Accu-Stats and other VHS Tapes

    I have some VHS pool tapes, but no VHS player. First $20 plus shipping gets them all. They are as follows: 1) Accu-Stats one pocket- Shannon Daulton def. Efren Reyes (2 tapes long). This is from the semi's of the Legends of One Pocket IV with great commentary by Bill Incardona and Grady...
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    Action in Portland

    My wife and I will be visiting friends in the Portland area this fall, and I would like to play while I'm there. Anybody know where I can get a good 1-hole game there?
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    Rule on short count handicap

    If you are in a short count hadicapped game such as 8-7, and each player only needs one ball, what happens if a player is to make a ball in each scoring pocket during the same shot? In other words the shooter makes the winning ball for both players at the same time. This has happened numerous...