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    i need advice here

    Yeah, I see others have posted this and I agree. If the high karate looks unwise, as it does here (despite Catkins's strong attempt), then this is the safest. I call this a "W" safety because the CB and OB trace out sort of a W shape. The W is the lamest of all safes in my mind (except maybe for...
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    John vs. Barry 10 - end game - wwyd?

    But if I didn't want to take the hanger, then I'd go with Cincy's shot. That's no fun from frozen on the rail like that, but dinking the 10 leaves a game winning 2-railer on the stripe with protection from the 1 ball!
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    John vs. Barry 10 - end game - wwyd?

    There is always offense. Here, the 10 is nearly dead off the side pocket tip.
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    Deuel vs Owen -- WWYD 3

    This is 100% what I saw *for me*. The kick off the long rail to push the 6 over to Gabe's pocket doesn't look close to a scratch, so long as he can hit it close to correct to making it. So I could see a great player shooting that, too. Chohan probably would. One risk is that the stack protects...
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    John vs. Ray 7 - wwyd?

    I mean the one out in the middle of the table. If your shot misses, it looks like the 2 ball could make for an oversize pocket for cutting the 13.
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    John vs. Ray 7 - wwyd?

    I'll have to try this tonight. I think I'm banking that 9 ball with maximum right. And I got a tripod so I don't have to have goofy camera angles anymore. If not that, then IslandDrive's shot.
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    Birthday....Birthday....1 HOLE NUT

    Happy Birthday, hope you and family are hanging in there. Would like to repeat our tough matchups someday!
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    Donn vs. Pete 1 wwyd?

    That's the shot I saw as well, assuming it's there. Can't quite tell if the 15 is a problem for this.
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    Donn vs. John 12 wwyd?

    I'd probably shoot the 2-railer on the 1, aiming at the 4 because it's pretty much idiot-proof. But to add one more option to the mix, the 4 is a big ball and a light and very controllable masse would have a good chance of making it and shaping the 6.
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    3 fouls, how common?

    Way less than 1 in 100. Practically, about the only way it can happen is that both players took intentional fouls so both are on 2, and the shooter is in a tough spot where he has to go for something that lets the cue ball loose, and then he ends up scratching.
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    Covid 19 one hole

    Good to hear from you! Better a has been than a never was.
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    Covid 19 one hole

    Might work better with straight pool? In the olden days, people played chess by mail, but it's a little easier to keep the pieces in the right place!
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    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    Very smooth, made it look like a hanger!
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    John vs. Barry 9 - wwyd?

    That's pretty devastating if it works, and the difficulty is not too high relative to the reward! I didn't see that. 3C's shot is strong, too.
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    wwyd #2 Baby Huey - We got options

    Thanks, looking forward to seeing if yours is better! Must be kicking the 4 and bumping the 5?