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    Does the kick break have any merit?

    I was once told that if you find someone who uses the kick break against you, that you have a "tiger by the tail." But at least on this website I have only seen it denounced as worthless. If playing one pocket on a bar table, is this the preferred break?
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    Cliff Joyner vs. Richie Richeson Green Room Finals Game #1

    I would like to go through several shots of this match, and thought maybe we could have one thread dedicated to an entire game. I will label each screen shot with the shot number of the game. For example, the break will be shot #1. In Game #1 Cliff has the break, and the first diagram is...
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    Cliff Joyner vs. Richie Richeson ..... Who is the favorite from this position?

    Let's make an assumption for this discussion that Richie and Cliff are even in skill. Who do you think is the favorite from this point given the position of the balls? This is a very interesting game. Cliff has probably taken 10 or more fouls up to this point. There are a few shot diagrams...
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    Frost vs. Pagulayan 2011 US Open

    Score is 7-5 in favor of Frost. It is Pagulayan's shot. My question is whether Alex should remove the 10-ball from the side pocket immediately, or not? If Alex leaves the 10-ball there, Scott will feel no pressure as he cannot lose in one inning.
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    For Sale: Joe Tucker Racking Secrets DVD's 1 and 2

    I have for sale both of Joe Tucker's Racking Secrets DVD's. Both are original and come with the original DVD case. Asking $40 for everything. I wouldn't sell them, but I'm a little short on rent this month, so someone will get a good deal on this.
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    We should have some sort of Chicago vs. Kentucky Banking Match

    I have always thought that there should be a Mosconi Cup style match between Chicago and Kentucky in banks. The competition should be fierce. You could play a mix of short rack, full rack, scotch doubles etc. You could expand the geographic locations and end up with a "North" and "South"...
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    Does it help to play against yourself?

    If I play a game against myself as a way to practice, is there much to gain? Is there anything special to consider when practicing like this?
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    Problem seeing the old diagrams

    When I view posts from several years ago, the cuetable diagrams do not show up on my screen, so all of the information contained thereafter is useless to me right now. Is it just my computer, or is there a way to see these diagrams? Thanks!
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    Pinning cueball to the rail with your tip

    I was in a game today and left my opponent in the jaws of his own pocket. He pushed the cueball and pinned the cueball to the rail, I'm not sure exactly how to explain it. But he did not use a stroke, he intentionally pinned the ball to the rail. I said it should be ball in hand. Someone...
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    Jeremy Jones vs. Efren Reyes 2009 D.C.C.#7

    Down 3-0 and with the balls favoring JJ, I think you're supposed to be aggressive, but I don't see an aggressive shot worth playing. So I would thin off the 9 on my side, and bring the cueball behind the 6. This will protect my 9. JJ won't have any offensive shot, and he won't be able to move...
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    Thorsten Hohmann vs. Gabe Owen 2009 D.C.C.

    I think you would have to do something like this to roll it in on the foot rail.......
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    Thorsten Hohmann vs. Gabe Owen 2009 D.C.C.

    If I was playing at the DCC, I would roll in the 3. But if you want to be a little daring, you can cross the 7 and bring the cueball back up table. And if you make it, then roll in the 3 afterwards. I'm assuming the 3 is at the head rail. If the 3 is at the foot rail, then you don't roll it in.
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    Corey Deuel vs. Johnny Stone 2009 D.C.C.#3

    I'd like to try pocketing the 3 ball like this................ Should leave the CB stuck in the pocket pretty good.
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    Any advice for running balls?

    I've been playing alot of one pocket with a guy who is probably 2 balls better than me in all games. I can keep up with him sometimes, but he definitely has the better of it. I've been trying to put all the knowledge I've gained from this site to use, and found out it's not so easy for me to...
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    Jeremy Jones vs. Efren Reyes 2009 D.C.C.

    Here is my choice. I want to make sure that I don't bank the stripe too close to my hole, because that would give him an easy opportunity to remove it on his next shot.